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Freya's Requirements[edit]

  • Hero Value 90
  • Swimmer
  • March
  • Nimble
  • Attack Pow
  • Resist Damage
  • Defend

Mode Differences[edit]

  • Lucian and Mystina are both Normal and Hard Mode exclusive, and you can only get Mystina if you defeated Lezard Valeth in his tower.
  • Citadel of Flame only appears in Hard Mode.


  • If you're playing Normal or Hard Mode and defeated Lezard Valeth in his tower, you can recruit the character Mystina.
  • You can get the character Lucian if you're playing Hard or Normal Mode.
  • In either this chapter or Chapter 6 you can get the characters Badrach, Jayle, Shiho and Grey.

Things to Do[edit]

  • After you've recruited Mystina, go to her room and get the staff 'Infinity Rod'.
  • If you recruited Badrach in this chapter, go to the graveyard in Camille Village to get the accessory 'Handwoven Bandana'.