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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

In Valkyrie Profile and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, the PSP remake of Valkyrie Profile, there are 3 different endings one can get. They are the 'A Ending', the 'B Ending' and the 'C Ending'. The most common ending to receive through normal playthrough is the B Ending, which you can get on all modes. The 'C Ending' is considered as the 'bad ending' of Valkyrie Profile, and is also available on all difficulty modes. The hardest to get (by accident at any rate) is the 'A Ending', which is seen as the 'best ending'. This is a quick runthrough on how to get each ending. For elaborations on how to defeat particular dungeons and whatnot, see the respective entry in the Walkthrough.

If you wish to achieve each ending in order of how 'easy' it is, it's easier to get the C ending first, then on another file fill out the criteria for the A ending then make up two separate saves - one where you go to Ragnarok like a good Valkyrie, another where you go to the Weeping Lily Meadow and participate in events from there - it simply saves time.

C Ending[edit]

This ending is one of the simplest endings to achieve. To get this ending you must have your Evaluation Level drop very, very low, and for it to eventually become 0. To get this easily, once you leave the Artolian Mountain Ruins (a mandatory event at the beginning of Valkyrie Profile), rest until the chapter ends, don't send any Einherjar up, and your evaluation will drop. Continue doing this until your Evaluation Level is 0, enter a dungeon, then leave said dungeon. Freya will give you a warning, and your Evaluation will go to 1, so you have a second chance... Rest again until your Evaluation drops down to 0, then you will meet her again. This time you will have to battle her - it's almost, not quite, but almost impossible to beat her unless you're using a cheating device, however, the result is the same whether you win or you lose - you get to see the C Ending.

B Ending[edit]

This is the easiest ending to achieve. To get this ending, just progress through the game normally, and in Chapter 8 allow the chapter to end and you'll find yourself in Jotunheim Palace. Complete Jotunheim Palace, fight Surt and you'll get the normal, 'B' ending.

A Ending[edit]

This ending is nigh impossible to achieve by accident. To get this ending you must:

  • Have lowered Valkyries Seal Value to 37 or lower by Chapter 7.
  • Complete the Tower of Lezard Valeth by the end of Chapter 4.
  • Recruit Lucian and Mystina in Chapter 5.
  • Send Lucian to Valhalla in either Chapter 5 or 6.

Sounds simple, right? It isn't. Valkyries Seal Value is not the same as her Evaluation! To see her Seal Value, go to 'Status' and it's the Value that's displayed instead of a hero value (Valkyrie can't have a Hero Value because 'Gods don't have human traits').

Things that affect the Seal Value are:

  • Visiting the Weeping Lily Meadow (this removes 15 points from her Seal Value).
  • Visiting Gerabellum (this removes 15 points from her Seal Value).
  • Transferring an Einherjar to Valhalla (this adds 12 points to her Seal Value).
  • Meeting Brahms, Lord of the Undead (this removes 10 points from her Seal Value).
    • It doesn't matter if you allow Brahms to escape or if you fight him - meeting him is enough.
  • Recruiting heroes (this removes 2 points from her Seal Value).
  • Recruiting Lucian (this removes 20 points from her Seal Value).
  • Recruiting Mystina (this removes 15 points from her Seal Value).
  • Defeat Lezard Valeth in his creepy tower (this removes 15 points from her Seal Value).
  • Wearing the Nibelungen Ring during a Sacred Phase adds 2 points to her Seal Value.
  • Removing the Nibelungen Ring so Valkyrie doesn't wear it during a Sacred Phase removes 2 points from her Seal Value.

This sounds simple, but to keep a relatively high Evaluation (by sending heroes up to Valhalla), there is a method to send a hero up to Valhalla every chapter (thus keeping a decent Evaluation level) and still managing to get the best ending.

How to Definitely Achieve the A Ending[edit]

Note: This is easier to do if you've played through Valkyrie Profile before.

  • Start a game on either Normal or Hard mode (this method works for both modes).
  • During Chapters 1 and 2, don't go to either the Weeping Lily Meadow or Gerabellum. Send up a character to Valhalla as you would normally in each chapter (it's easier to achieve the A ending if you send up only one character in each chapter).
  • In Chapter 3, you have the opportunity of seeing Brahms in his castle. You can visit the castle for all the items and suchlike, just don't enter his throne room (you know you're a screen away from it once you get to the second memory camp in this dungeon).
  • Send up a character to Valhalla early on in Chapter 3 (or later, doesn't make a difference), just that you have to start training up a character to send for Chapter 4 in this chapter (Chapter 4's requirements are for a hero with a Hero Value of 80 or more, and at least a level in Trick. If you don't have many periods left to train a hero up for the other requirements (Demon Int, Hear Noise and Negotiator), just equip them with two of the 3 possible items; 'Shell of Lailu' (to gain the ability Hear Noise), Angel Lips (to make you Hero an adept negotiator), or Demonic Tome (to give them knowledge about demons). It should be possible for you to train up a character and give them at least one level in Trick and/or Demon Int and/or Hear Noise and also meet the 80 Hero Value requirement, as most characters come already with enough Capacity Points to meet this.
    • The items 'Shell of Lailu', 'Angel Lips' and 'Demonic Tome' can all be forged through the Divine Item menu.
  • At the beginning of Chapter 4, don't do any Spiritual Concentrations, just send up your hero with a Hero Value of at least 80 and skills with negotiation and all that. Now do your Spiritual Concentrations.
  • At this point you begin to send your Seal Value down. Get any character that your Spiritual Concentration focuses on - this chapter you're bound to get Aelia, but it's possible there's other characters that will become available to you this chapter.
  • Your last Spiritual Concentration will point you to Flenceburg. Just in case you find things too difficult in this dungeon, create a separate save file. Don't bother with doing all of the dungeons first - you need to save up on Periods this Chapter, but it's a good idea to do one or two of the dungeons before you enter Flenceburg.
  • Going to Flenceburg means you get the Einherjar Lorenta, and you find yourself not on the world map once you regain control, but in the Tower of Lezard Valeth. To get the A Ending you must complete the Tower by defeating Lezard. If you leave this dungeon and still want to get the A Ending, you must not do any of the following:
    • Visit the Weeping Lily Meadow;
    • Visit Gerabellum; or
    • See Brahms in his castle.
  • After you have defeated Lezard, go visit the Weeping Lily Meadow. Watch the cutscene.
  • After you visit the Weeping Lily Meadow, go to Gerabellum. Watch the cutscene (these two events are interchangeable, but meh).
  • Visit Brahms in his castle. You can fight him if you wish, to fill up your Voice Collection if you're playing the PSP version, or you can just let him go.
    • Note: You can do this in Chapters 5, 6, and 7 if you find the monsters too tough or you run out of Periods.
  • Once you've done all this, you can just use the extra Periods you have left to complete dungeons, visit places, etc.
  • Before you complete Chapter 4, remember to remove the Nibelungen Ring, as this removes 2 Seal from your total value sometime during the Spiritual Phase.
  • Spiritual Concentrations lead you to get at least Lucian and Mystina in Chapter 5, although Badrach, Shiho, Jayle and Grey can be found either in Chapter 5 or Chapter 6, which lowers your Seal Value further.
  • Send up whoever you want in Chapter 5, (either Lucian or a Swimmer), but in Chapter 6 if you haven't sent Lucian up yet, now's the time - otherwise you won't get the A Ending.
  • Once you've sent up Lucian and gotten past Chapter 6, that's essentially it. A cutscene occurs if you've done everything correctly at the beginning of Chapter 7, or if you're certain you've still done everything correctly, try getting the Einherjar Suo (the only Einherjar available in that chapter), then the cutscene should appear.
  • You no longer need to worry about your Seal Value, so just send somebody up to Valhalla if you want to keep your evaluation high (or not, if you'd rather keep your character...).
  • Once you get to chapter 8, your last Spiritual Concentration will reveal the Weeping Lily Meadow as a place of interest. Enter it once you've finished doing everything - there's No Escape once you enter the place and the A Ending sequence will begin. (So make sure you've done everything you want to do first).