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Cheats can only be enabled during a game, for that game: if enabled in a multiplayer game, then both players are affected. Press Enter and at the bottom of the screen you should see the string MSG: _, then type the code (which isn't case sensitive) before pressing Enter again: if the code was entered correctly, then you should see cheat enabled you wascally wabbit across the screen. Entering a cheat again will disable it, where appropriate, and most won't save.

Code Cheat
SALLY SHEARS Entire map displayed
POT OF GOLD 5000 Lumber and 10000 Gold added permanently
HURRY UP GUYS All structures, units and upgrades are built, trained or researched at an accelerated rate
IRON FORGE All armor and weapon upgrades researched permanently
EYE OF NEWT All spells researched permanently

All remaining cheats require you to enter the master code CORWIN OF AMBER beforehand to enable them: once entered, this master code allows all these cheats to be enabled in any game until you quit entirely.

Code Cheat
THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE All structures and units are only vulnerable to Catapults, Rain of Fire or Cloud of Poison, and friendly fire, and any attacks inflict 255 damage
CRUSHING DEFEAT You failed to achieve victory... (Single Player only)
YOURS TRULY You are victorious! (Single Player only)
IDES OF MARCH Final video sequence for current race (Single Player only)

You can also start any scenario from the Single Player Human Campaign or Orc Campaign from any scenario in either campaign.

Code Scenario Code Scenario
HUMAN1 Regent ORC1 Swamps of Sorrow
HUMAN2 Grand Hamlet ORC2 Borderlands
HUMAN3 Kyross ORC3 Grand Hamlet
HUMAN4 Dead Mines ORC4 Dead Mines
HUMAN5 Forest of Elwynn ORC5 Red Ridge Mountains
HUMAN6 Northshire Abbey ORC6 Sunnyglade
HUMAN7 Sunnyglade ORC7 Black Morass
HUMAN8 Medivh Tower ORC8 Northshire Abbey
HUMAN9 Black Morass ORC9 Northern Elwynn Forest
HUMAN10 Temple of the Damned ORC10 Center of Human Lands
HUMAN11 Rockard and Stonard ORC11 Goldshire and Moonbrook
HUMAN12 Black Rock Spire ORC12 Stormwind Keep