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With Blackhand's raiding parties routed, now is the time for us to secure a lasting peace in the area around Grand Hamlet. You must seek out the Orcish outpost of Kyross that lies deep within the Swamps of Sorrow, and destroy it.
Map Start New
Human Enemy
Warcraft Map Human3.png
500 Lumber
500 Gold
  • Town Hall
  • Road (7)
  • Farm (2)
  • Peasant (2)
  • Footman (3)
  • Archer (2)
  • Town Hall
  • Farm (4)
  • Barracks
  • Lumber Mill
  • Temple
  • Peon (2)
  • Grunt (10)
  • Spearman (3)
  • Church
  • Cleric
  • Healing

Start by training a Peasant. There is a Gold Mine to the south, so start mining there. All attacks will come from the north and the west. However, one Grunt will come through the little passage in the trees to the north, so set some defenders in the village. Train at least 3-5 Archers and 4 Footmen for defenders, and then start assembling an army. Once an army, around 9 units, is assembled, get close to the town and draw out the Orcs, one-two at a time. Whenever needing to go into combat (e.g. Footmen battling Spearmen), make sure not to draw every Orc out or there will be a problem. Whenever damage is done, make sure to have a Cleric or two to heal up all units. Draw out all defenders and annihilate the outpost!

  • Make sure to train a lot of Archers! There will be a consistency of attacks.
  • A good army will be needed, with all units like Footman, Archers, and Clerics.