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Stormwind Keep is ours to take! The Orcish hordes gather like buzzards to carrion, as the moment of destiny is close at hand. A low growl fills the air as your wolfriders whip their savage mounts into a frenzy. The earth shakes as catapults are loaded and moved into position. The fires of the burning rubble about you dance in your eyes as you gaze upon the pristine, white towers of Castle Stormwind. White that will soon be washed with the red of King Llane's blood. With his fall, all of Azeroth will be yours!
Map Start New
Orc Enemy
Warcraft Map Orc12.png
1500 Lumber
1500 Gold
  • Town Hall
  • Road (27)
  • Farm (4)
  • Barracks
  • Lumber Mill
  • Peon (4)
  • Grunt
  • Spearman (3)
  • Necrolyte
  • Raider (3)
  • Catapult (2)
  • Warlock
  • Raise Dead
  • Dark Vision
  • Unholy Armor
  • Minor Summoning
  • Cloud of Poison
  • Major Summoning
  • Stormwind Keep
  • Town Hall (2)
  • Walls
  • Farm (18)
  • Barracks (4)
  • Lumber Mill (3)
  • Church (3)
  • Blacksmith (3)
  • Stables (3)
  • Tower (4)
  • Footman
  • Archer (33)
  • Cleric (4)
  • Knight (24)
  • Catapult (2)
  • Conjurer
Stormwind Keep
You are victorious!
With the decimation of the human forces, the sacking of their castle was a simple matter. They offered little resistance once you ran their weak leader through with your war blade and toppled his body into the moat. The taking of Stormwind has kept your warriors in good spirits, and the offerings of gold and jewels that they bring to you are ample tribute to your leadership. Wine flows like blood, and the smell of freshly cooked meat fills you with satisfaction as you begin your victory feast. The countryside is ablaze with bonfires as groups of battle hardened Orcs celebrate the domination of this land with songs of war and victory. You have finally assumed your rightful place as ruler of this realm, and as War Chief of the Orcish Clans...
War Chief of the Orcish Clans
What new conquests will await you in this place? The Shadow Council has begun to bring you information concerning the lands across the great sea that are as yet untouched by Orcish rule. The Warlocks also seek your permission to resume their experiments with the portal, their intent being the subjugation of other worlds. With the power you now possess your choices are limitless - but these are choices for another time...