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When you start, a saucer-like object will be floating above you. Take it out by firing upwards at it. If you're not quick enough, it will eventually leave the screen. Jump up to the platform to the left of the first door to collect the E block, and then enter the door:

  • Information room: "Welcome Apollo. This is the island of the crystal. Our leader, Queen Mary is captured at the mechanic castle on this island."
Xexyz Area 5-1.png

When you exit, the saucer will be back. You can safely ignore the robot on the ground. Continue right and three green ships will appear. They do a loop through the air before continuing right. Above the second star column is a door on a platform:

  • Weapon room: The creature inside will provide you with the Moon Ball, the most defensive weapon in the game. Exit the room and come back to receive the powered-up version of the weapon and have two orb circle around you.

Drop back down to the ground and shoot the star column until the hidden door is revealed:

  • Force Star room: With the Moon Ball weapon, this fight will be considerably easier. All you need to do is stand in the lap of the statue. You don't even have to fire, as the orbs will damage the statue's face, although firing will speed up the process. You will obtain the third Force Star.

Continue to the right, and eventually you will see an E block sitting on a small platform over a large gulf. You'll have to carefully reach the platforms and avoid falling into the pit below. If you do drop down to collect the E block, remember to hold Up dpad as you jump to reach the platforms above and escape.

More green ships will appear. Drop down to the door below to find a Gambling room. Play twice if you like. As you continue right, a new enemy will appear from the bottom of the screen, and fly upwards before dropping back down. Jump up to the higher platforms to complete your journey above the pit, and reach the next door high above the ground. It's an Item shop, but you shouldn't need any thing from here. Clear the way of enemies as you approach the next door high above the ground:

  • Item room: The creature inside will give you the Mirror item. This powerful item creates a double directly above you that fires when you fire. Combined with the upgraded Moon Ball, you will be nearly invincible. But beware, the effect of the Mirror wears off if you are struck three times.

Carefully proceed to the right, clearing away ships, saucers, and robots until you encounter an L block on the ground. Destroy the two robots guarding it, collect it, and then jump up to the door above to find a Weapon upgrade room, which you probably won't need. Be very careful as you proceed to the right over the next abyss. Take care not to fall if you attempt to collect the E block on the lower platform. Enter the door just above the pit to find a Rescue room and defeat the floating head to earn 40E. The carefully hop over the remaining platforms to reach the next door high above the ground:

  • Information shop: Pay 20E to learn, "Look out for the red rain in this castle."

From this door, clear away the saucer in the sky and the two robots on the ground. Make the leaps to the platforms above the gap below, and drop down to the next door to find a Health room, where you'll need to pay 90E if you want to restore yourself to full health. Then collect the E block on the platform beyond the door. Drop down to the safety of the ground, hop over the star column, and jump up to the door above to find a Money room and receive 20E. Then enter the door to the castle.

Indoor 1[edit]

As soon as you enter, you will be attacked by a small plane which drops down to your height before shooting you. You will have to deal with a set of these before you reach a gap in the floor. Beyond the gap, you may notice red rain falling from the ceiling. Touching the rain will cause you to lose health to stay away from it, and jump when it's safe to proceed.

Beyond the rain, you will encounter blue robots which patrol the floor. When you reach the end of the hall, you will see a door above the ground, and an air-well in the ceiling. The door leads to an Item shop. You can now buy Mirrors at a cost of 50E if you wish. Jump up through the air-well to the floor above.

Xexyz Area 5-2.png

When you arrive, two planes and a robot will attack you. Clear them away and proceed right. You will find a door containing a Gambling room, and an air-well on the floor below it. A short distance beyond is an air-well in the ceiling as well. You should only pass through the air-well in the ceiling if you are seeking a Weapon upgrade room. If your weapon is already powered up, drop through the air-well in the ground.

When you drop down into this room, a single spinning enemy will occupy the upper right corner. It's like that you will destroy it with the Moon Ball when you enter. This room contains an L block and an E block. Both of these blocks will reappear if you leave and return to this room. Do this as many times as necessary to completely restore your health before proceeding through the door to the hangar.


After hopping on the bird, you will first encounter the exploding bubble enemy that you saw in Area 1. An S capsule will appear on the ground. The narrow passage that follows is guarded by small rover vehicles whose tops can fly apart when you get close to them.

Stay low through the passage, and then collect the first P capsule from the floor. The Z-motion enemies from Area 3 will return here, mixed with the rover vehicles. An S capsule will appear on top of one of the columns. A cannon will be situated between the two doors at the end of the section. Take the lower door to proceed to the next section.

Xexyz Area 5-3.png

A second P capsule can be found on the floor of the second section almost as soon as you arrive. This should upgrade your main weapon and give you two forward shots instead of one. Enemies traveling in a wave across the screen will appear. Cannons will be situated on the ends of two small platforms, the first of which has an S capsule.

Fight your way past more enemies, and the bubbles will return as you pass a third P capsule. You will soon reach another pair of doors. Take the upper door to escape from this section and land your vehicle.

Indoors 2[edit]

Red rain will be dropping from the ceiling. Two spinning enemies guard the entrance. You will soon see an air-well in the ceiling. If you are low on health, or would like to buy an item, head up through the air-well. When you arrive, you will have to deal with a few enemies, but a short distance in, you will find an L block. Beyond that is a door to the Item shop.

Though you have to fight your way through a short distance, you can leave and return to this section to stock up on health. However, don't worry about filling up your health meter since it will be filled just before you go up against the boss. A short distance from the first air-well in the ceiling, is a second air-well in the floor. If you drop down below, you will find a small room with a door:

  • Information shop: Pay 20E to learn, "Boss's weakness is its face."

Hop over the gaps to the platforms that lead to the far right side of the original hallway. You'll have to time your jumps so that you don't get hit by the red rain drops as they are falling. Enter the door to engage the boss of the area.

Boss: Shelza[edit]

Xexyz Area 5 boss.png

After this boss enter the room from the right, it zig zags its way down the right side of the screen, eventually repositioning itself near the top after it reaches the bottom of the screen. It fires a large spread of bullets from its tail, along with a smaller similar spread from its head below.

Unlike most bosses, you'll really want to get in close to this one. You should position yourself as close to the head as possible, lining your feet up with its mouth. From this position, you should be safe from all of its bullets, and you should be able to inflict a good amount of damage in a short span with the Moon Ball. All you have to do is continue to move with it as it floats around.

Destroy the boss with rescue Queen Mary, and then take the Cyborg Rider to the next area.