Dragon Ball: Daimaou Fukkatsu/Gameplay

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Control Adventure mode Combat mode Map mode
Neutral dpad Choose from among the menu selections. Choose which card to play, and make menu selections. Choose which card to use and which direction to move on the map.
A button Select the current menu selection. Select the choice in cards, and menu selections. Select the choice of cards.
B button Cancel the current selection and return one menu level. Cancel the most recent selection of cards. Also used to summon available allies in the middle of combat. Cancel a choice of cards.
Start button Not used.
Select button Used to bring up a menu to view abilities, items, the map, or to save your game.


DBDF sprite Goku.png

Throughout the game, you must guide Goku on his adventure. The game is played out across multiple modes. The three primary modes are Adventure mode, Combat mode, and Map mode. In Combat mode, as well as Map mode, the player must select cards from among the five that are in the player's "hand", shown at the bottom of the screen. The cards in your hand don't matter as much in Adventure mode, unless a combat encounter takes place.

Goku has a number of hit points. If these hit points are ever reduced to zero, either through combat or an adventure event, the player's game is over. Goku can increase his total number of hit points by increasing his level of experience. Players must successfully train or defeat an opponent in combat to obtain experience points. New levels are attained once the player achieves a certain number of experience points. New techniques become available during combat when new levels are reached. See the chart below for information about hit points and experience required per level.

Level Hit points Experience needed
1 24 0
2 24 10
3 32 20
4 32 40
5 40 80
6 48 120
7 48 200
8 56 250
9 64 350
10 80 500
11 88 600
12 96 750
13 104 1000
14 112 1200