The King of Fighters '96: Neo Geo Collection

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File:KOF96:NGC box.jpg
Box artwork for The King of Fighters '96: Neo Geo Collection.
The King of Fighters '96: Neo Geo Collection
Year released1997
System(s)Neo Geo CD
SeriesThe King of Fighters
Genre(s)Educational, Fighting
ModesSingle player
LinksThe King of Fighters '96: Neo Geo Collection ChannelSearchSearch

The King of Fighters '96: Neo Geo Collection is an educational fighting game and spin-off released by SNK in 1997 exclusively for the Neo Geo CD, The game is based on the original The King of Fighters '96 and it's not necessarily a game, but is more of an encyclopedia of game lore. Its main feature is the character profile mode, where you can interview any of the 29 characters featured in KoF '96. It also includes a couple of different intros that explain the story of KoF and Orochi.

This game was only released in Japan.

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