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The King of Fighters '94
Box artwork for The King of Fighters '94.
Distributor(s)GameTap, Wii Virtual Console
Release date(s)
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Neo Geo
Neo Geo CD icon.png
Neo Geo CD
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Wii Virtual Console
System(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, Wii
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
Followed byThe King of Fighters '95
SeriesThe King of Fighters
TwitchThe King of Fighters '94 Channel
YouTube GamingThe King of Fighters '94 Channel

King of Fighters' 94 introduces the series' signature 3-man team system, instead of a simple one-on-one two round fight system a player chooses a team of three characters then determines the order to play them before a fight, each fight consisting of up to 5 rounds and each round ending when one of the two fighters is knocked out, the remaining fighter stays and faces the opponent's next character, a fight is won when one of the two players loses the last of their three fighters. This system has remained constant throughout the series (and modes with a similar system have been used since in such games as Tekken and Soul series). The major difference between this and other KoF titles is that players can only choose from pre-set teams of three instead of being able to build their own team from the whole cast.

Rugal Bernstein is an incredibly rich and notorious arms and drugs trafficker, as well as an incredibly skilled and ruthless fighter has become bored with the lack of competition, so decides to host a new King of Fighters tournament. The King of Fighters tournament was previously held by Geese Howard in Art of Fighting 2 and the first Fatal Fury and by Wolfgang Krauser in Fatal Fury 2. The game's ending reveals that Rugal has apparently fought and bested both characters in the past.

Rugal has his secretary (later revealed to be the assassin Mature) travel to eight destinations around the world and invite them to his new tournament, unlike previous tournaments this new King of Fighters is a team tournament, eight teams enter representing England, America, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Italy and China with the Japan Team later known as the Hero Team, made up of Kyo Kusanagi, Goro Daimon and Benimaru Nikaido, being the canonical winners (all teams win if the arcade/story mode is completed with that team).

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Team Select[edit]

Select KOF94 IT.png Select KOF94 PRC.png Select KOF94 JPN.png Select KOF94 USA.png Select KOF94 ROK.png Select KOF94 BRAZ.png Select KOF94 ENG.png Select KOF94 MEX.png
Portrait KOF94 Terry.png Portrait KOF94 Athena.png Portrait KOF94 Kyo.png Portrait KOF94 Heavy D.png Portrait KOF94 Kim.png Portrait KOF94 Heidern.png Portrait KOF94 Yuri.png Portrait KOF94 Ryo.png
Portrait KOF94 Andy.png Portrait KOF94 Kensou.png Portrait KOF94 Benimaru.png Portrait KOF94 Lucky.png Portrait KOF94 Chang.png Portrait KOF94 Ralf.png Portrait KOF94 Mai.png Portrait KOF94 Robert.png
Portrait KOF94 Joe.png Portrait KOF94 Chin.png Portrait KOF94 Daimon.png Portrait KOF94 Brian.png Portrait KOF94 Choi.png Portrait KOF94 Clark.png Portrait KOF94 King.png Portrait KOF94 Takuma.png

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