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The King of Fighters 2000
Box artwork for The King of Fighters 2000.
Release date(s)
System(s)Arcade, Neo Geo, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
Preceded byThe King of Fighters '99
Followed byThe King of Fighters 2001
SeriesThe King of Fighters
TwitchThe King of Fighters 2000 Channel
YouTube GamingThe King of Fighters 2000 Channel

The King of Fighters 2000 is a Competitive Fighting game created by SNK for the Neo-Geo arcade and home consoles. This is the seventh game in the KOF series and the last KOF game made by the original SNK before it went bankrupt. The Game was also released on the Dreamcast (Japan) and the PlayStation 2 in 2001 as a bundle with the sequel The King of Fighters 2001.

Table of Contents

Character Select[edit]

Portrait KOF00 Kyo.png Portrait KOF00 Jhun.png Portrait KOF00 Choi.png Portrait KOF00 Chang.png Portrait KOF00 Kim.png Portrait KOF00 Mai.png Portrait KOF00 Yuri.png Portrait KOF00 Kasumi.png Portrait KOF00 Hinako.png Portrait KOF00 Iori.png
Portrait KOF00 Whip.png Portrait KOF00 Clark.png Portrait KOF00 Ralf.png Portrait KOF00 Leona.png Portrait KOF00 Mary.png Portrait KOF00 Joe.png Portrait KOF00 Andy.png Portrait KOF00 Terry.png Portrait KOF00 Ryo.png Portrait KOF00 Robert.png Portrait KOF00 King.png Portrait KOF00 Takuma.png Portrait KOF00 Athena.png Portrait KOF00 Kensou.png Portrait KOF00 Chin.png Portrait KOF00 Bao.png
Portrait KOF00 Vanessa.png Portrait KOF00 Ramon.png Portrait KOF00 Maxima.png Portrait KOF00 K'.png Portrait KOF00 Benimaru.png Portrait KOF00 Shingo.png Portrait KOF00 Lin.png Portrait KOF00 Seth.png
Portrait KOF00 Kula.png
Portrait KOF00 Zero.png


KOF00 Syo Kirishima.png KOF00 Kang Baedal.png KOF00 Kim Jae Hoon.png KOF00 Kim Dong Hwan.png KOF00 Kim Sue-il.png KOF00 Chizuru.png KOF00 Nakoruru.png KOF00 Xiangfei.png KOF00 Lily Kane.png KOF00 Mature Vice.png
KOF00 Chris.png KOF00 Shermie.png KOF00 Yashiro.png KOF00 Goenitz.png KOF00 Ryuji Yamazaki.png KOF00 Duck King.png KOF00 Billy Kane.png KOF00 Geese Howard.png KOF00 Kaede.png KOF00 Another Robert.png KOF00 Shishi-Ou.png KOF00 Gai Tendou.png KOF00 A Athena.png KOF00 P Kensou.png KOF00 Baijang.png KOF00 Kaoru.png
KOF00 Fio.png KOF00 Duke.png KOF00 Rocky.png KOF00 Another K.png KOF00 Another Benimaru.png KOF00 Cosplayer Kyoko.png KOF00 Eiji Kisaragi.png KOF00 Goro Daimon.png
KOF00 Candy.png KOF00 Rugal.png KOF00 Foxy.png
KOF00 Saishu Kusanagi.png KOF00 Cool Choi.png KOF00 Smart Chang.png KOF00 Unknown.png KOF00 Another Iori.png KOF00 G-Mantle.png KOF00 Neo And Geo.png

Strikers PS2[edit]

KOF00 Krauser.png KOF00 Heidern.png KOF00 O Leona.png KOF00 Orochi.png KOF00 Heavy D.png KOF00 Lucky Glauber.png KOF00 Brian Battler.png KOF00 Mr-Big.png KOF00 Krizalid.png KOF00 O Iori.png

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