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The King of Fighters XIV
Box artwork for The King of Fighters XIV.
Release date(s)
PlayStation 4 icon.png
PlayStation 4
Steam icon.png
Arcade icon.png
System(s)PlayStation 4, Windows, Arcade
CERO: CERO B.jpg Ages 12 and up
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
PEGI: PEGI 12.png Ages 12+
Preceded byThe King of Fighters XIII
Followed byThe King of Fighters XV
SeriesThe King of Fighters
WebsiteOfficial website
TwitchThe King of Fighters XIV Channel

The King of Fighters XIV is a 2016 fighting game that is part of The King of Fighters (KOF) video game series by SNK. The game was developed for the PlayStation 4 and released in August 2016. Atlus USA and Deep Silver published the game in North America and Europe, respectively. It is notable as the first main-series The King of Fighters game to be rendered entirely in 3D, unlike previous installments, which used 2D raster imagery. The King of Fighters XIV has over 50 characters and the gameplay retains the classic system of teams composed of three fighters. In 2017, the game was ported to Microsoft Windows and Japanese arcade cabinets.

The King of Fighters XIV features full 3D models like KOF Maximum Impact against a 2D background in a similar manner to Street Fighter IV and its updates while keeping the formula used in previous installments. The player can select a three-character team who fight against other teams. In the game's story, the fighters often interact depending on their relationships. After eight rounds, the player fights the bosses Antonov and Verse.

The Hyper Drive system from the previous game is replaced with a new version of "Max Mode" from earlier games in the series. In Max mode, the player can perform unlimited EX special moves for a short time and the timer changes in response to the player-character's position.

The game's characters have three types of Supers: the returning "Super Special Moves" and "Max Super Special Moves", the latter of which require two power gauges to execute or one if Max mode is activated and a new type called "Climax Super Special Moves". Climax Super Special Moves are the strongest types in the game and require three power gauges or two with Max mode activated. The game also features the "Just Defend" mechanic from Garou: Mark of the Wolves. The HD thrust system makes the opponent hit the wall and crumple for follow-up attacks. The game is designed to be played like The King of Fighters XIII during Max mode, where the player can use EX moves and three levels of Supers that can be canceled in their order of hierarchy. For beginners, there is an automatic feature called "Rush Combo". When performing a Rush, the player can create combos of special attacks as well as Desperation Moves if the energy bar is has been filled. Techniques created by the Rush system produce less damage than the one performed manually. The online lobby has modes called team VS, single VS, and party VS; up to 12 players can enter and spectate.

Table of Contents

Character Select[edit]

Portrait KOFXIV Kyo.png Portrait KOFXIV Benimaru.png Portrait KOFXIV Daimon.png Portrait KOFXIV Sylvie.png Portrait KOFXIV Kukri.png Portrait KOFXIV Mian.png Portrait KOFXIV Nelson.png Portrait KOFXIV Zarina.png Portrait KOFXIV Bandeiras.png Portrait KOFXIV Iori.png Portrait KOFXIV Mature.png Portrait KOFXIV Vice.png
Portrait KOFXIV Kim.png Portrait KOFXIV Gang-Il.png Portrait KOFXIV Luong.png Portrait KOFXIV Ramon.png Portrait KOFXIV Angel.png Portrait KOFXIV King of Dinosaurs.png Portrait KOFXIV Nakoruru.png Portrait KOFXIV Mui Mui.png Portrait KOFXIV Love Heart.png Portrait KOFXIV Xanadu.png Portrait KOFXIV Chang.png Portrait KOFXIV Choi.png
Portrait KOFXIV Shun'ei.png Portrait KOFXIV Tung.png Portrait KOFXIV Meitenkun.png Portrait KOFXIV K'.png Portrait KOFXIV Kula.png Portrait KOFXIV Maxima.png Portrait KOFXIV Ralf.png Portrait KOFXIV Clark.png Portrait KOFXIV Leona.png Portrait KOFXIV Geese.png Portrait KOFXIV Billy.png Portrait KOFXIV Hein.png
Portrait KOFXIV Terry.png Portrait KOFXIV Andy.png Portrait KOFXIV Joe.png Portrait KOFXIV King.png Portrait KOFXIV Mai.png Portrait KOFXIV Alice.png Portrait KOFXIV Athena.png Portrait KOFXIV Kensou.png Portrait KOFXIV Chin.png Portrait KOFXIV Ryo.png Portrait KOFXIV Robert.png Portrait KOFXIV Yuri.png
Portrait KOFXIV Heidern.png Portrait KOFXIV Oswald.png Portrait KOFXIV Yamazaki.png Portrait KOFXIV Whip.png Portrait KOFXIV Antonov.png Portrait KOFXIV Verse.png Portrait KOFXIV Vanessa.png Portrait KOFXIV Rock.png Portrait KOFXIV Blue Mary.png Portrait KOFXIV Najd.png

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