The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening/Trading Sidequest

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An important part of the game is the trading of items, leading up to the discovery of the Magnifying Glass, which Link needs to read the book called "Dark Secrets And Mysteries Of Koholint" at the Library.

  1. TLoZ-LA YoshiDollSprite1.png The first item is the Yoshi Doll, obtained in the Trendy Game in Mabe Village.
  2. TLoZ-LA RibbonSprite1.png Trade with Mamahl at the Quadruplets' house (the big house next to the Dream Shrine) for the Ribbon.
  3. TLoZ-LA DogFoodSprite1.png Trade with Mini-Bow Wow (inside Madam MeowMeow's doghouse in Mabe Village) for the Dog Food.
  4. TLoZ-LA BananasSprite1.png Trade with Sale the Alligator at Sale's House O' Bananas (on the beach) for the Bananas.
  5. TLoZ-LA StickSprite1.png Trade with Kiki the Monkey (near Kanalet Castle) for the Stick.
  6. TLoZ-LA HoneycombSprite1.png Trade with Tarin (in the Ukuku Praire) for the Honeycomb.
  7. TLoZ-LA PineappleSprite1.png Trade with Chef Bear of Animal Village for the Pineapple.
  8. TLoZ-LA HibiscusSprite1.png Trade with Papahl in the Tal Tal Mountains for the Hibiscus.
  9. TLoZ-LA MailSprite1.png Trade with Christine the Goat in Animal Village for the Letter.
  10. TLoZ-LA BroomSprite1.png Trade with Mr. Write for the Broom.
  11. TLoZ-LA FishingHookSprite1.png Trade with Grandma Ulrira in Mabe Village (sometimes in Animal Village) for the Fishing Hook.
  12. TLoZ-LA NecklaceSprite1.png Trade with the Fisherman (under a bridge in Martha's Bay) for the Necklace (Note: This was a bikini top in the Japanese and original, non-colored European version).
  13. TLoZ-LA ScaleSprite1.png Trade with Martha the Mermaid for the Scale.
  14. TLoZ-LA MagnifyingLensSprite1.png Set the scale in the Mermaid Statue to gain access to the cave where the Magnifying Glass lies hidden.