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3DO Interactive Multiplayer
The logo for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.
The console image for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.
ManufacturerThe 3DO Company
Total Games231 (38 present)
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The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (commonly referred to as the "3DO") was made in a line of systems by The 3DO Company. It was supposed to be one of the greatest systems of its time, but since it was priced at $699.95, not very many people bought it.

The 3DO was very high-tech for its time. It could play 3DO games, audio CDs, picture CDs, video CDs, and could play with 8 controllers at the same time (with an adapter). Although it was so high tech, barely any games could register the full potential of the system. Even at those terms, some games became very popular, like The Need for Speed and Super Street Fighter II Turbo.