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This page shows how the Greek technology advances through the ages. The columns show the technology improvements and units each building is responsible for. Therefore, you can look for a unit, improvement, or building to see what it will enable you to build later in the game, to make decisions on whether or not those items are worth building at a particular point in the game.

-------------- Buildings
-------------- Units
-------------- Improvements
? Item to the right requires item to the left
? Item below requires item above

Archaic Age Town Center House Storehouse Granary Dock Wooden Wall Temple
Villager Hand Axe Husbandry Fishing Ship ?
Archaic Hero Pickaxe Hunting Dogs ?
? ?
Classical Age Classical Hero Bow Saw Plow Farm Trireme Stone Wall Sentry Tower Military Academy Archery Range Stable Armory
Masons Shaft Mine ? Transport Ship ? Watch Tower Hoplite Toxotes Hippikon Copper Weapons
? ? ? Purse Seine ? Signal Fires Medium Infantry Medium Archers Medium Cavalry Copper Mail
? ? ? Enclosed Deck ? Crenelations ? ? ? Copper Shields
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Heroic Age Heroic Hero Carpenters Irrigation Pentekonter Fortified Wall Guard Tower Hypaspist Peltast Prodromos Bronze Weapons Market Fortress
Architects Quarry ? Juggernaut Carrier Pigeons Heavy Infantry Heavy Archers Heavy Cavalry Bronze Mail Donkey Caravan Petrobolos
Fortified Town Center ? Salt Amphora Boiling Oil Levy Infantry Levy Archers Levy Cavalry Bronze Shields Ambassadors Draft Horses
? Archer Ship Cladding ? ? ? ? Tax Collectors
? ? ? ? ?
Mythic Age Mythic Hero Flood Control Naval Oxybeles Champion Infantry Champion Archers Champion Cavalry Iron Weapons Coinage Fortress Unit Wonder
Reinforced Ram Conscript Infantry Conscript Archers Conscript Cavalry Iron Mail Helepolis
Conscript Sailors Iron Shields Engineers
Burning Pitch