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The Age of Mythology series introduces "myth units": units based on various creatures and beasts from mythological legends and stories. These myth units comprise some forty individual playable entities. Cost is now a combination of favor, a new resource (in-game supplies used for building structures) which came with the mythological creature concept, and any of the three other resources.

The first game in the series includes three playable civilizations: the Greek, Egyptian and Norse, each of which vary in the units they can create and the buildings they can construct, among other differences. With The Titans expansion came a fourth civilization, the Atlantean civilization, based on the legend of Atlantis, with many new units, buildings, as well as titans: colossal, powerful units that varied depending on the civilization and cost a great deal of resources to train.

All units specific to one civilization can be found on their respective units pages, while units shared between all civilizations are outlined here.

Shared units[edit]

Fishing boat[edit]

  • Type: Economic unit

Fishing Boats gather food from fish schools. Like farms, fish patches are infinite, but schools may only be fished from by a singular boat.

Transport Ship[edit]

  • Type: Transport

Transport ships carry land units over water. If destroyed, the units within will also be killed.


  • Type: Economic unit

Caravans gather gold by making a trip between a market and a friendly town center. The design of the caravan changes with each civilization. The Egyptian caravan is a camel; the Greek a donkey; the Norse an ox and the Atlantean a llama.


  • Type: Economic Unit

Villagers are units which gather resources, and create building structures. There is however, some variation according to civilization.

  • Norse: The Norse "villager" is separated into two units - the dwarf and gatherer. The gatherer gathers resources in the usual way. Dwarfs are faster at mining gold, yet are significantly slower in collecting wood and food. Both cannot build structures, instead only Norse infantry can.
  • The Atlantean Citizen is accompanied by a donkey. This donkey acts as a personal resource dropping point for the citizen, similar to the Palmyran villagers of Age of Empires: Rise of Rome. They are stronger than villagers of other civilizations.


  • Type: Titan

Introduced in Age of Mythology: The Titans, the Titan is represented as a very large and powerful myth unit. The designs differ according to civilization. The Greek design is a large anthropomorphic three headed dog - based on the monster Cerberus. The Egyptian design is a bird-headed giant - based on the Egyptian god Horus. The Norse design is a large troll like creature, wielding a sledgehammer made of ice - based upon the giant Ymir, said to be the founder of the frost giants. The titan depicted in Age of Mythology for the Atlanteans is Chthonian. It has large gems on its back, and is made out of lava.

Cheat units[edit]


  • Type: Infantry

Forkboy is a giant boy with a fork. This character has no historical basis and is available by sending the chat "TINES OF POWER".

Lazer Bear[edit]

  • Type: Uber

Lazer Bear is a bear with a Canadian flag for a cape who likes liquid refreshment. Lazer Bear can shoot lasers from his eyes, or attack with monkeys. Lazer Bear has a huge amount of HP, is nearly invulnerable, is extremely fast, and regenerates. Lazer Bear has a large amount of data concerning him in the history, and is available by sending the chat "O CANADA".

Flying purple hippo[edit]

  • Type: Flying unit (Melee attack)

The flying purple hippo is a purple hippopotamus with a top hat and wings that shoots hearts from its mouth at enemies below. It can also be noted that its shadow is in the shape of a heart, and its "footprints" are rainbows. It moves extremely fast, and can only be attacked by ranged units. It also has 99% armor. It has a description similar to that of the normal Hippopotamus but with comments added in all capitals and horrible spelling. It is available by sending the chat "WUV WOO".


  • Type: Dog

Bella is based on a dog owned by one of the developers. She has 75% armor, is devastating against buildings, and has a vast amount of HP. Bella is stronger than Titans, but they can do a lot of damage to her. Bella is available by sending the chat "BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK" in The Titans.

Methane Chicken[edit]

  • Type: Wild animal

Methane Chickens are chickens that explode after some time or if they are killed. They are available by sending the chat "BAWK BAWK BOOM" and then invoking the Chicken Meteor god power.

Walking Berry Bush[edit]

  • Type: Animated tree

Walking Berry Bushes are berry bushes that have been animated. They are weak, but unlike animated trees, they will leave the area where they were spawned. They are available by sending the chat "FEAR THE FORAGE" and then invoking the Walking Berry Bushes god power near some berry bushes.