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Here is the list of all available fish, when and where you can catch them, and how much Tom Nook buys them for.

Name Image Price (Bells) Location Months available Times available
Angelfish ACWW Angelfish.png 3,000 River (Rare) May-October 4am-9pm
Arapaima ACWW Arapalma.png 10,000 River (Rare) July-September 4pm-9am
Arowana ACWW arowana.png 10,000 River (Rare) June-September 4pm-9am
Barbel Steed ACWW barbelsteed.png 200 River All year, October-April (peak) All day
Barred Knifejaw ACWW barredknifejaw.png 5,000 Ocean (Rare) March-November All day
Bitterling ACWW bitterling.png 900 River November-February All day
Black Bass ACWW blackbass.png 300 River All year, May-November (peak) All day
Bluegill ACWW bluegill.png 120 River All year, May-November (peak) 4am-9pm
Blue Marlin ACWW bluemarlin.png 10,000 Ocean (Rare) July-September All day
Carp ACWW carp.png 300 River All year; April-May, October-November (peak) All day
Catfish ACWW catfish.png 800 Pond May-October 4pm-9am
Char ACWW char.png 3,800 Waterfall March-June, September-November 4am-9pm
Cherry Salmon ACWW cherrysalmon.png 1,000 River March-June, September-November 4am-9pm
Clownfish ACWW clownfish.png 650 Ocean April-September, May-August (peak) All day
Coelacanth ACWW coelacanth.png 15,000 Ocean during rain or snow (Rare) All year 4pm-9am
Crawfish ACWW crawfish.png 250 Holding Pond April-September All day
Crucian Carp ACWW cruciancarp.png 120 River All year; March-May, September-November (peak) All day
Dab ACWW dab.png 300 Ocean October-April All day
Dace ACWW dace.png 200 River All year; December-February (peak) 4pm-9am
Dorado ACWW dorado.png 15,000 River (Rare) June-September 4am-9pm
Eel ACWW eel.png 2,000 River June-September 4pm-9am
Football Fish ACWW footballfish.png 2,500 Ocean (Rare) November-March 4pm-9am
Freshwater Goby ACWW freshwatergoby.png 300 River (Rare) All year 4pm-9am
Frog ACWW frog.png 120 Holding Ponds May-August All day
Gar ACWW gar.png 6,000 Pond (Rare) June-September 4pm-9am
Giant Snakehead ACWW giantsnakehead.png 5,500 Pond June-August 9am-4pm
Goldfish ACWW goldfish.png 1,300 River (Rare) All year All day
Guppy ACWW guppy.png 1,300 River (Rare) April-November 9am-4pm
Hammerhead Shark ACWW hammerheadshark.png 8,000 Ocean (Rare) June-September 4pm-9am
Horse Mackerel ACWW horsemackerel.png 150 Ocean All year All day
Jellyfish ACWW jellyfish.png 100 Ocean Late August (15th - 30th) All day
Killifish ACWW killifish.png 300 Holding Pond (Rare) April- August All day
King Salmon ACWW kingsalmon.png 1,800 River (Rare) September All day
Koi ACWW koi.png 2,000 River (Rare) All year, December-March (peak) 4pm-9am
Loach ACWW loach.png 300 River March-May, March-April (peak) All day
Ocean Sunfish ACWW oceansunfish.png 4,000 Ocean (Rare) June-September 4am-9pm
Octopus ACWW octopus.png 500 Ocean September-January, March-July All day
Olive Flounder ACWW oliveflounder.png 800 Ocean (Rare) All year, December-February (peak) All day
Pale Chub ACWW palechub.png 160 River All year; April-June, September-October (peak) 9am-4pm
Piranha ACWW piranha.png 3,500 River (Rare) June-September 9am-4pm, 9pm-4am
Pond Smelt ACWW pondsmelt.png 300 Pond December-February All day
Pop-eyed Goldfish ACWW popeyedgoldfish.png 1,300 River (Rare) All year 9am-4pm
Puffer Fish ACWW pufferfish.png 240 Ocean July-September, August (peak) All day
Rainbow Trout ACWW rainbowtrout.png 800 River March-June, September-November 4am-9pm
Red Snapper ACWW redsnapper.png 3,000 Ocean All year; April-July (peak) All day
Salmon ACWW salmon.png 700 River September All day
Sea Bass ACWW seabass.png 160 Ocean All year All day
Sea Butterfly ACWW seabutterfly.png 1,000 Ocean December-February All day
Seahorse ACWW seahorse.png 1,100 Ocean April-November, May-September (peak) All day
Shark ACWW shark.png 15,000 Ocean (Rare) June-September 4pm-9am
Squid ACWW squid.png 400 Ocean December-August, February-June (peak) All day
Stringfish ACWW stringfish.png 15,000 River (Rare) December-February 4pm-9am
Sweetfish ACWW sweetfish.png 900 River July-September, July-August (peak) 4am-9pm
Tuna ACWW tuna.png 7,000 Ocean (Rare) November-March All day
Yellow Perch ACWW yellowperch.png 240 River October-March, July-August (peak) All day
Zebra Turkeyfish ACWW zebraturkey.png 400 Ocean April-November, May-September (peak) All day