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To pull up the menus, press the Y button button or tap on the arrow in the top right corner on the DS touch screen.

Main Screen[edit]

Your inventory can hold 15 items, 10 letters, and up to 99,999 bells. The 15 spaces for items are the circle shaped slots, the 10 spaces for letters are the rectangle shaped slots on the right, and the amount of bells you are holding is on the top left just under your name and town name. You can also put bags of bells into the item slots to increase your bell count.

The first background for your inventory is yellow with white polka dots. However, this is changeable. If you grab a shirt or design that you like, drag it to the bottom left corner of the touch screen you will notice a 'hidden' slot. If you let go of your design in this hidden slot, it will change the background to your chosen design. You can change the background like this as many times as you want. The first time you do this you will get a 'Big Dot Shirt'.

A handy trick is to use the letter slots to hold items. This gives you up to 10 extra spaces within your inventory. To do this you need to have 10 letters in these slots. Then all you need to do is drag an item onto the letter and it will turn into a present. It’s a good idea to leave one free letter slot in case a neighbor asks you to deliver one for them. To return your item to one of your main item slots simply tap the letter and choose “Present” from the list of options.

Pattern screen[edit]

Along the top of your inventory you will notice a number of icons. The second icon is for patterns.

There is space for 8 designs in total. You can create, trade or buy designs at The Able Sisters' shop. You can also receive designs from Wendell the Walrus.

There are 7 different ways to display these designs. The 7 buttons in the design screen represent the different display options. The options are: shirt, hat, umbrella, carpet, wallpaper, painting, and square.

Here is what each option does:

  • Shirt — Places pattern as your shirt. Indoor or outdoor.
  • Hat — Places pattern as your hat. Indoor or outdoor.
  • Umbrella — Places pattern as your umbrella. Outdoor only.
  • Carpet — Places pattern as your carpet. Indoor only.
  • Wallpaper — Places pattern as your wallpaper. Indoor only.
  • Painting — Places pattern on a painting. Indoor only.
  • Square — Places pattern on the ground. Outdoor only.

Fish screen[edit]

This is the third icon in your inventory. You can scroll through all the fish that you have caught while playing the game. This provides information on where the fish was caught and which season in was caught in. There is also a little bit of information provided for each fish.

Bug screen[edit]

This is the fourth icon in your inventory. It is used the same way the fish section is.

Chat screen[edit]

The chat screen is really only used when you are visiting another town or have people visiting you. This screen has a small keyboard for chatting to your friend. Emotions are also found on this screen. You can only hold four emotions at a time. You can learn to express emotions from Dr. Shrunk. You can bring up the chat screen by pressing Select button.

Town Map screen[edit]

The next icon is your town map. This is handy if you are looking for a certain neighbor's house. It is also handy when you are in a friend's town. You can use it to familiarize yourself with their town's layout. It can help you find stores, houses, and bridges.

You can bring up the Town Map screen during play by pressing X button (only works outdoors; indoors it brings up the camera angles).

Friend Roster screen[edit]

This heart shaped icon is the screen where all your friends are stored. You can have up to 32 people on your list. People that have a green circle next to their name means you have successfully met up in wi-fi mode. People with a red triangle are people that you haven’t met up with yet. To register a friend, press the button "Register" in the lower right corner, type in their friend code, their name, then their town name.

To check your own friend code, press the button that looks like a key.