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Wendell is a walrus with a love for painting. Unfortunately, it would appear that Wendell doesn't make many bells, as he is always starving. When you find Wendell wandering around your town he will ask you for something to eat. If you give him some food he will reward you with a special pattern. The type of pattern you receive is based on what piece of food you give him. Certain patterns can only gained during certain seasons; this is because some fish or other edible items can only be found during particular seasons.

Golden Axe trades

If you give Wendell a red turnip, he will give you a country guitar or a turban. If you get the turban, give it to Saharah. If you get the country guitar, give it K.K Slider. This is part of the long line of trades required to get the Golden Axe.


Here is a list of designs you can receive from Wendell based on what item you feed him.

Food group Food Pattern
Freshwater Fish Char Footprints
Catfish Overhead view
Giant Snakehead Overhead view B
Pond Smelt Overhead view C
Gar Overhead view D
Crawfish, Frog or Killifish Puddle
Salmon Checkpoint 1
King Salmon Checkpoint 2
Any other freshwater fish North/South road
East/West road
South/East curve
South/West curve
North/West curve
North/East curve
Saltwater Fish Barred Knifejaw Stones
Coelacanth Fossil Dummy
Shark, Hammerhead Shark, or Ocean Sunfish Drain Pattern
Any other saltwater fish Stop Sign
No Entry sign
Right Turn sign
Left Turn sign
Exclamation sign
No U-Turn sign
House This Way
Town Hall This Way
Museum This Way
Fruit, vegetables, & acorns Coconut Speed Boost
Orange, Cherry, Apple, Peach, or Pear Block
Acorn ? Box
White Turnip Down Stairs