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As with the previous game, Banjo-Kazooie, Spiral Mountain is the place where your adventure starts. If you haven't played that game, you should interact with all the molehills scattered about, where Bottles will teach you the moves from the prequel. Feel free to play around; there's enough opportunities to test your moves.

The bridge to Gruntilda's Lair is broken, but you can use the Flight Pad on top of the summit to fly inside. Once there though, you'll see that the two passageways to the inside of the lair are blocked by rocks, and no one is there except for Cheato. Gruntilda punished him for giving you the cheats in the previous game by ripping out all his pages, which are scattered in the worlds. For every five pages you collect, Cheato will give you a cheat code.



  1. Stuck behind a rock at the bottom of the waterfall (need Talon Torpedo).

Cheato pages[edit]

  1. In an alcove below the entrance to Gruntilda's Lair. Use the Shock Spring Pad to access.


  1. Fly to the source of the river and enter the cave. Swim to the end, use Grip Grab to enter a passageway and follow it to find a cartridge. Attack it to retrieve the Blue Egg.
  2. Near the passageway to the Isle o' Hags (where the Running Shoes and Wading Boots are) there is a big grating blocking an alcove. Land near it and shoot a Grenade Egg at it to break it open (if you stand in one corner and shoot in the other you won't even get hurt). Inside, attack the cartridge to get the Pink Egg.

Boss: Klungo - Minion With a Mission[edit]

Once you leave your house, a cutscene will start showing Klungo run into the tunnel. Follow him into this tunnel to start your first boss fight. Klungo will use one of three potions determined at random:

  1. One potion renders Klungo invisible. This one is easy, just start rolling right into him, chances are he won't even have moved if you are quick enough.
  2. The other option creates clones of Klungo. The real Klungo always moves last so wait until the clones run away and then roll into him.
  3. The third option makes Klungo huge. He will try to jump on top of you, avoid that and attack him at the next opportunity.

After you've hurt Klungo, he will hide behind his magic shield and throw potions at you. Just run in circles around him and Klungo will never hit you. After a while he will revert to his previous tactic. Rinse and repeat until Klungo is defeated. He will run away and open the path to the Isle o' Hags. Follow it to appear in Jinjo Village.


Once you've learned the drill, you can return to Spiral Mountain. Near Banjo's House, a fish is stuck under a big rock. Drill through the rock to free the fish, then bring him to water (i. e. jump inside). As a thanks, the fish will extend your air meter, allowing you to stay longer underwater. You'll also be able to swim faster by pressing A button and B button at once.