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Quick level-up of Jade Fairies[edit]

Fairies level up by collecting the little blue energy spheres that enemies rarely drop. Each crystal is worth 50 Experience points and most fairies take 4 spheres per level.

If you're desperate to level them up, go in the southeastern door just inside the first floor of the Abell ruins and continue through to the dark room with the light switch, the two floating panels, and the sea of electric tiles. One of the Blue Bats there (the one closest to the northern wall) will always drop an energy sphere so you can level your fairies up as much as you want.

Ouk with energy spheres on Toronto Road.

One Ouk on Toronto Road also drops an energy sphere every time it is defeated.

Alternatively, there's a Lightning Goblin (the "brain" enemy that makes you numb) in front of the door you use the 1st Gate Key in the Ice Castle, that always drop an energy sphere, but remember the Ice Castle becomes inaccessible when you find Ramus.

Another enemy that always drop an energy sphere is a Platinum Woodnor (kind of a archer wolf) that is located in the southeast corridor of the 1st floor of the Platinum Shrine, the one which leads you to the first dark room you visit.

The Errant Merchant[edit]

The Errant Merchant guarding his chest in the Tower of Light.

The Errant Merchant is a trader found inside the dungeons of the game. His position and sale list varies, depending on the game progress.

Here are the places where you may find him and his temporary sale lists.

Tower of Light, 3rd floor[edit]

Duration: from the beginning of the game until Giant Cockroach is defeated.[1]

- Items for sale:

  • Leather Armor - 8000 G
  • Chain Mail - 15000 G
  • Buckler - 2000 G
  • Round Shield - 3000 G
  • Leather Helmet - 5000 G
  1. You can see the Errant Merchant in this place until you enter Abell Ruins, but he won't be selling anything there if Giant Cockroach is defeated.

Abell Ruins, 2nd floor[edit]

Duration: from entering the Abell Ruins until the portal to Barren Lands becomes activated.

- Items for sale:

  • Iron Helmet - 13000 G
  • Buckler - 2000 G
  • Round Shield - 3000 G
  • Kite Shield - 4000 G

Ice Castle, basement 2[edit]

Duration: from entering the Ice Castle until you find Ramus, The Goblin.

- Items for sale:

  • Iron Sword - 12000 G
  • Steel Buster - 25000 G
  • Gold Sword - 40000 G
  • Battle Ax - 3000 G
  • Tomahawk - 21000 G
  • Long Bow - 11000 G
  • Heavy Bow - 34000 G

Hints for completionists[edit]

Since the game only offers 48 item slots to the player, and since there are many items that are rare, scarce, or only temporarily obtainable in shops (especially the ones from the Errant Merchant), those hints below will allow you to maximize the empty slots (for you to use with health items) and leave the unnecessary (but rare) items inside their treasure chests. Therefore, if you want to get one of these items, you can backtrack and get.

However, remember that you must collect every single treasure in the Ice Castle, because this place is the only one you cannot revisit after defeating the boss.

The Reviving Mirror can be replaced by the Deceased Jade. Level him up in the Abell Ruins. You'll have more "lives" with him than with the mirrors.

Unique/Rare/Scarce items that must remain inside their treasure chests[edit]

  1. Scrap of Paper - Town of Arcs
  2. Buckler - Town of Arcs
  3. Reviving Mirror - Tower of Light, 2nd floor
  4. Magic Wallet - Tower of Light, secret room on 1st floor
  5. Long Bow - Tower of Light, 2nd floor
  6. Chain Mail - Tower of Light, 2nd floor
  7. Reviving Mirror - Tower of Light, 4th floor
  8. Banded Mail - Abell Ruins, 2nd floor
  9. Reviving Mirror - Abell Ruins, 2nd floor
  10. Silver Bullion - Abell Ruins, secret room in the 3rd floor (you can get and sell the others that'll appear later)
  11. Gold Bullion - Abell Ruins, secret room in the 3rd floor (you can get and sell the others that'll appear later)
  12. Ancient Coin - Abell Ruins, 4th floor (you can get and sell the other that'll appear later)
  13. Meat[1] - Abell Ruins, 3rd floor (you can get the others that'll appear later)
  14. Reviving Mirror - Abell Ruins, 4th floor
  15. Lightning Bow - Droog Volcano, 1st floor
  16. Rock Breaker - Droog Volcano, 2nd floor
  17. Reviving Mirror - Platinum Shrine, 1st floor
  18. Reviving Mirror - Platinum Shrine, 2nd floor
  1. Alternatively, you can get this Meat and leave the other one found in Town of Toronto, inside a breakable jar in the terrace of Tools Shop.

Unique/Rare items that must remain with the player[edit]

  1. Leather Helmet - Starting Item
  2. Leather Armor - Starting Item
  3. X-Ray Glasses - Tower of Light, 2nd floor (cannot be sold or discarded)
  4. Cape - Abell Ruins, 4th floor
  5. Blackgold Helm - Ice Castle, 1st floor
  6. Reviving Mirror - Ice Castle, Basement 1
  7. Reviving Mirror - Ice Castle, Basement 1, too
  8. Spiked Boots - Ice Castle, Basement 1
  9. Battle Shield - Ice Castle, Basement 2
  10. Fire Sword - Ice Castle, Basement 2 (cannot be sold or discarded)
  11. Heavy Mall - Ice Castle, Basement 1
  12. Drink - Ice Castle, Basement 4
  13. Platinum Helmet - Platinum Shrine, 1st floor
  14. Royal Armor - Platinum Shrine, 3rd floor
  15. Platinum Sword - Platinum Shrine, 3rd floor
  16. Drink - Platinum Shrine, 3rd floor
  17. Great Axe - Platinum Shrine, 4th floor
  18. 13 Jades[1](13 Fairies)
  1. You can sell your Jades to Meister in Toronto for the half price you bought them, and he'll store them for you. A sold fairy will keep the same level it had when you rebuy its jade.