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Remeer can equip up to five items at the same time:

  1. a weapon
  2. a body armor
  3. an helm
  4. a shield
  5. an accessory (either a magic mirror or magic boots).


Most weapons can be found for free, therefore there's almost no need to purchase any. Purchasing the first axe is mandatory to proceed with the plot; the chucker-boomerang can be worth purchase, too: it is the weapon with longest and widest range, plus it has decent attack value.

Rare, temporarily buyable and/or one time-only obtainable weapons are marked in green.

Swords slash a semi-circle in front of Remeer. Once you find the fire sword, the later ones get quite useless: the chuckler-boomerang (see below) has comparable attack value, but far better range.

Icon Sword Cost Attack Notes Location
BrainLord weapon-sword01.png Copper sword 3000 1 - Ch.1: start
BrainLord weapon-sword02.png Iron sword 12000 2 - Ch.2: Tower of Light
BrainLord weapon-sword05.png Steel buster 25000 5 - Ch.3: Abell Ruins
BrainLord weapon-sword05f.png Fire sword 0 5 Melts ice Ch.5: Ice Castle
BrainLord weapon-sword07.png Gold sword 40000 7 - (Purchase only)
BrainLord weapon-sword10.png Platinum sword 60000 10 - Ch.7: Platinum shrine

Bows and boomerangs allow to attack enemies at a distance:

Icon Bow/Boomerang Cost Attack Notes Location
BrainLord weapon-ranged02.png Long bow 11000 2 Shoots 1 arrow straight Ch.2: Tower of Light
BrainLord weapon-ranged05.png Boomerang 8000 5 Shoots 2 boomerangs on an ellipse Ch.3: Abell Ruins
BrainLord weapon-ranged06.png Heavy bow 34000 6 Shoots 1 arrow straight (Purchase only)
BrainLord weapon-ranged09.png Chuckler 30000 9 Shoots 2 boomerangs on an ellipse (Purchase only)
BrainLord weapon-ranged10.png Lightning bow 63000 10 Shoots 1 arrow straight Ch.6: Droog Volcano

Axes have poor range, but they can break pots and boxes to find treasure. You might consider keeping the basic one and selling the others for money.

Icon Axe Cost Attack Notes Location
BrainLord weapon-axe05.png Battle axe 3000 5 Can break pots and boxes Ch.3: purchase in Arcs
BrainLord weapon-axe10.png Tomahawk 21000 10 Can break pots and boxes (Purchase only)
BrainLord weapon-axe15.png Rock breaker 47000 15 Can break pots and boxes Ch.6: Droog Volcano
BrainLord weapon-axe20.png Great axe 62000 20 Can break pots and boxes Ch.7: Platinum Shrine

Maces can be swung around by rotating the directional pad:

Icon Maces Cost Attack Notes Location
BrainLord weapon-morningstar07.png Morning star 4000 7 - Ch.3: Abell Ruins
BrainLord weapon-morningstar15.png Heavy maul 56000 15 - Ch.5: Ice Castle

Armor parts[edit]

Useless armor and helms
There is a version-specific bug where the defense value of any body armor and helm is always zero, regardless of what the game says. If you are playing on that version, confirm that you gain no bonus from these items before selling them. Always wear the Cape.

Remeer can wear up to three armor parts at the same time: a body armor, a helm and a shield.

Shields have a hit points value (HP) that shows how many hits they can block before they break. Weaker shields block fewer hits.

Sort the table by Part in order to see all the shields at the top. Rare, temporarily buyable and/or one time-only obtainable armors are marked in green.

Icon Armor Part Cost Defense Notes Location
Arcs set
BrainLord armor01a-leather.png Leather helm Head 5000 +01 - Ch.1: start
BrainLord armor01b-leather.png Leather armor Body 8000 +01 - Ch.1: start
BrainLord armor01s-buckler.png Buckler Arm 2000 30 HP - Ch.1: town of Arcs
Light set
BrainLord armor03a-iron.png Iron helm Head 13000 +03 - Ch.3: cave to Abell ruins
BrainLord armor02b-mail.png Chain mail Body 15000 +03 - Ch.2: Tower of Light
BrainLord armor02s-round.png Round shield Arm 3000 50 HP - Ch.2: Tower of Light
Abell set
BrainLord armor04a-cross.png Cross helm Head 24000 +06 - Ch.3: Abell Ruins (secret room)
BrainLord armor03b-banded.png Banded mail Body 21000 +05 - Ch.3: Abell Ruins
BrainLord armor03b-cape.png Cape Body 27500 +00 Increases speed Ch.3: Abell Ruins
BrainLord armor03s-kite.png Kite shield Arm 4000 60 HP - Ch.3: Abell Ruins
Secret set
BrainLord armor05a-blackgold.png Black gold helm Head 42000 +08 - Ch.5: Ice Castle
BrainLord armor04b-bone.png Bone mail Body 32000 +08 - Ch.3: Abell Ruins (secret room)
BrainLord armor04s-bone.png Bone shield Arm 5000 70 HP - (Purchase only)
Ice set
BrainLord armor05w-warrior.png Warrior's helm Head 51000 +10 - Ch.5: Ice Castle (secret room)
BrainLord armor05b-plate.png Plate armor Body 47000 +10 - Ch.5: Ice Castle
BrainLord armor06s-warrior.png Warrior's shield Arm 6000 80 HP - (Purchase only)
Platinum set
BrainLord armor04a-cross.png Platinum helm[1] Head 55000 +12 - Ch.7: Platinum Shrine
BrainLord armor06b-royal.png Royal armor Body 55000 +15 - Ch.7: Platinum Shrine
BrainLord armor05s-battle.png Battle shield Arm 7000 99 HP - Ch.5: Ice Castle
  1. The same icon is used for this helm and for the Cross Helm.


BrainLord accessory-mirror.png Reviving Mirror: Revives Remeer, then breaks. Only works if equipped. Can be sold for 5000 G.

There are exactly 8 Reviving Mirrors in the game. These are their locations:

  1. Tower of Light, 2nd floor;
  2. Tower of Light, 4th floor;
  3. Abell ruins, secret room on 2nd floor;
  4. Abell ruins, 4th floor;
  5. Ice Castle, 2nd floor;
  6. Ice Castle, 2nd floor, too;
  7. Platinum shrine, first floor;
  8. Platinum shrine, 2nd floor, using Phaser spell.

BrainLord accessory-spikeboots.png Spike Boots: These keep Remeer from slipping on the ice. Found and used in the Ice Castle only. Can be sold for 3000 G.