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After you enter your name you'll get to see a little of the backstory. You can't skip this part, and there are some fairly important details here anyway. The father is about to leave when his son (you) asks when he'll be back. He doesn't know. Before he can leave the boy asks him to tell the Dragon story.

The father explains his legacy: he's the third generation of his family to go looking for a dragon and that hundreds of years ago, people flew around on dragons. Members of this tribe were known as Dragon Warriors. Each person in the tribe would find a dragon and train it to be their partner. Together they were very powerful. One day the members of the tribe were drawn into a great battle where many of them perished.

He then explains that you are also a descendant of the Dragon Warriors and that you can't let the bloodline perish. He learned in his travels that there is a dragon in a place called the Tower of Light. He says a few other things then he'll leave to find the dragon in the aforementioned tower. And he never returns...