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Support faeries:

  • Deceased/Kass - Will revive you, but loses a level to do so. Costs 8000.
  • Power/Sarah - Raises your attack power. Costs 11000.
  • Foundation/Golem - Raises defense. Found in a secret room in the first tower.
  • Light/Pazul - Lights up the room. Higher levels make things brighter. Found in the Ancient Ruins.
  • Life/Ason - Restores your life over time. Given in a quest.

Attack faeries:

  • Crimson/Ifrie - Shoots fireballs. Found in the abandoned house north of Arcs.
  • Lightning/Pilulu - Surrounds itself with lightning. Costs 21,000.
  • Water/Domul - Shoots a homing projectile of water. Costs 28,000.
  • Anger/Wak - Attacks your enemies directly. Costs 32,000.

Using Jade[edit]

Use a jade in your item menu to activate it and call its Fairy out, or to recall a fairy that is already out. You can have two jades active at any given time. Jades can be bought from and sold to Meister, who can be found in both Arcs and Toronto.

Jade Locations[edit]

The four main jades are found in dungeons for free. The remaining nine can be bought from Meister, the merchant at the top floor of the Inns in Arcs and Toronto. He sells just five jades in Arcs, and the rest in Toronto. In the town after Dungeon 2 the merchant will also sell a second jade of the previous type: see the jades with two fairy names in table below.

If the player leaves the fairy name blank, the default name is used.

Default sorting is according to game progression. You can actually meet the jade merchant at the beginning of the game, but only after the first dungeon you will have enough money to buy some jades.

Jades can be sold for half their purchasing price. In the table below, Jades that can only be sold have their price shaded in gray; such price is twice the selling price.

"Exp/Lv" is the required experience per level, i.e. to advance one level. Each blue sphere (occasionally dropped by enemies) gives 50 experience points.

Sort by image to see jades with the same shape next to each other.

Image Jade Fairy
Location Price Exp/Lv Effect
1 Crimson jade Ifrie, Gala Road to Dungeon 1 16000 150 Attack (element: fire)
3 Foundation jade Golem Dungeon 1 24000 200 Support: increases Remeer's defense
2 Light jade Pazul Dungeon 2 9000 100 Support: lights dark areas
1 Life jade Ason Town of Toronto 4000 200 Support: slowly restores HP
3 Deceased jade Kass Jade merchant 8000 150 Support: revives Remeer by giving up one level
2 Power jade Sarah Jade merchant 11000 200 Support: increases Remeer's strength
1 Lightning jade Pilulu, Jima Jade merchant 21000 200 Attack (element: lightning)
1 Water jade Domul, Priss Jade merchant 28000 200 Attack (element: water)
3 Anger jade Wak, Griffin Jade merchant 32000 200 Attack (element: none)

Leveling Fairies[edit]

Fairies level up by collecting the little blue energy crystals that enemies rarely drop. Each crystal is worth 50 Experience points and most fairies take 4 crystals per level. The first fairy to grab the crystal gets the experience, so slow ones might never beat faster ones to the spheres.

If you're desperate to level them up, go in the southeastern door just inside the technological part of the Ancient Ruins and continue through to the dark room with the light switch, the two floating panels, and the sea of electric tiles. One of the blue enemies there will always drop an energy crystal so you can level your fairies up as much as you want.

Jade effects with leveling[edit]

Stepwise animation changes[edit]

The animation of these fairies changes every three levels.

Level Ifrie & Gala (crimson jades) Pilulu & Jima (lightning jades) Wak & Griffin (anger jades)
150 Exp./Lv. 200 Exp./Lv. 200 Exp./Lv.
Shoots a fireball straight at an enemy. Creates a small lightning field
when it touches an enemy.
Attacks enemies in close combat.
Fireball spins, widening its hit box. Stronger attack. Radiates a small battle aura.
Fireball further widens its hit box. Stronger and larger field. Battle aura's range increases.
Fireball cluster spreads out slightly,
widening the hit box further.
Larger attack. Adds a small barrier.
Fireball graphic changes, no hit box change. Larger field. Changes to a flaming aura.
Fireball graphic changes, no hit box change. Larger field. Original aura is added, slightly increasing range.
19 Fireball graphic changes, no hit box change. Largest field. Both auras extend, nearly doubling range.

Progressive animation changes[edit]

The animation of these fairies changes every level, therefore the difference is very smooth and hard to tell at first.

Level Pazul (light jade) Ason (life jade) Domul & Priss (water jades)
100 Exp./Lv. 200 Exp./Lv. 200 Exp./Lv.
1 BrainLord Pazul-LightJade.png Restores 1 HP roughly every 10 seconds. Shoots homing water projectiles every few seconds.
2 Restores 1 HP roughly every 9 seconds. N/A
3 Restores 1 HP roughly every 8 seconds. N/A
4 N/A N/A
5 Restores 1 HP roughly every 7 seconds. N/A
6 N/A Shoots more frequently.
7 Restores 1 HP roughly every 6 seconds. N/A
8 N/A N/A
9 Restores 1 HP roughly every 5 seconds. N/A
10 N/A Shoots more frequently.
11 Restores 1 HP roughly every 4 seconds. N/A
12 N/A N/A
13 Restores 1 HP roughly every 3 seconds. N/A
14 N/A N/A
15 Restores 1 HP roughly every 2 seconds. Shoots more frequently.
16 N/A N/A
17 Restores 1 HP roughly every 1 second. N/A
18 N/A N/A
19 Restores HP as fast as it can be cast. Shoots as soon as the previous projectile disappears.

No visual effects[edit]

These fairies have no animation, their effect is either continuous (Golem & Sarah) or it activates in specific occasions (Kass).

Level Golem (foundation jade) Sarah (Power jade) Kass (deceased jade)
200 Exp./Lv. 200 Exp./Lv. 150 Exp./Lv.
1 Boosts defense passively: Guard=Lv.+1 Boosts offense passively: Attack=Lv.+1. Useless.
2 Defense+3 Offense+3 Sacrifices a level to revive the player.
3 Defense+4 Offense+4 -
4 Defense+5 Offense+5 -
5 Defense+6 Offense+6 -
6 Defense+7 Offense+7 -
7 Defense+8 Offense+8 -
8 Defense+9 Offense+9 -
9 Defense+10 Offense+10 -
10 Defense+11 Offense+11 -
11 Defense+12 Offense+12 -
12 Defense+13 Offense+13 -
13 Defense+14 Offense+14 -
14 Defense+15 Offense+15 -
15 Defense+16 Offense+16 -
16 Defense+17 Offense+17 -
17 Defense+18 Offense+18 -
18 Defense+19 Offense+19 -
19 Defense+20 Offense+20 -