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Magic shop location[edit]

The magic shop is west of the item shop in the town of Arc. You have to talk to the old lady over the counter to buy from her. If you go around, she just says something about how you need to be well stocked.

Spell list[edit]

Image Spell MP Effect Trajectory Location Cost
Free magic medallions
BrainLord magic-16MP-shot.png Magic shot 16 Attack Straight tower of Light 0
BrainLord magic-50MP-missile.png Magic missile 50 Attack Three homing shots tower of Light 0
BrainLord magic-26MP-stop.png Stop 26 Stops enemy movement
(not its attacks)
Straight Ice Castle 0
BrainLord magic-26MP-ice.png Ice 26 Creates bridge on lava
& attack
Straight before Droog Volcano 0
BrainLord magic-36MP-Phaser.png Phaser 36 Creates bridge on water
& attack
Straight Platinum shrine 0
Magic medallions shop in Arcs
BrainLord magic-05000G-slow.png Slow 20 Slows enemy Hopping Arcs shop 5000
BrainLord magic-06000G-shield.png Magic shield 32 Attack Static in front
of Remeer
Arcs shop 6000
BrainLord magic-07000G-bound.png Bound 45 Attack Bouncing off walls
Arcs shop 7000
BrainLord magic-08000G-impulse.png Impulse 34 Attack Straight Arcs shop 8000
Bilbaira magic shop in Toronto
BrainLord magic-14000G-fireball.png Fire ball 46 Attack Straight Toronto shop 14000
BrainLord magic-22000G-flamering.png Flame ring 52 Attack Circling
around Remeer
Toronto shop 22000
BrainLord magic-31000G-ghost.png Ghost 48 Attack Bouncing off walls
Toronto shop 31000
BrainLord magic-32000G-lightning.png Lightning 40 Attack Straight Toronto shop 32000

Spell analysis[edit]

Field spells:

Disabling spells:

  • Slow: unfortunately, it is also very slow at hitting the enemy.
  • Stop (free): extremely useful spell, especially if paired with a ranged weapon (that can replace any attack spell).

Attack spells:

  • Magic shot (free): very useful because of the short charge time.
  • Magic missile (free): it has one of the longest charge time.
  • Magic shield: unnecessary.
  • Bound: it may be useful for orientation in the Dark Zones in Platinum shrine.
  • Impulse: unnecessary.
  • Fireball: unnecessary.
  • Flame ring: unnecessary.
  • Ghost: it may be useful for orientation in the Dark Zones in Platinum shrine.
  • Lightning: unnecessary.