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Invaded Toronto[edit]

Toronto is invaded by giant insects. Meet your friends at the inn, then sell surplus items and resupply if you need.

Enter the insect tunnels from the eastmost entrance. The insects in here often drop antidote herbs. The tunnels are divided in three floors. In short, these suggestions allow to find quickly your way; although there are some winding passages and some dead ends, this description is a good compromise between effectiveness and precision:

  1. From the eastmost entrance, travel east until you find the passage down;
  2. On the second floor, keep north;
  3. The third floor has no forks.

Platinum shrine[edit]

First floor[edit]

Map of the first floor (Yellow = main path stairs. Red = detours and secrets. Pale grey = rooms that cannot be accessed).

Silence key[edit]

From the entrance, follow the entrance hall, save, then continue upstairs. On the second floor, walk clockwise around the pit and descend the stairs. Back on the ground floor, first go through the south door. There's a room with a puzzle. The riddle, in short, is: west, north, east, south, that is step on the westmost switch, then walk clockwise on all the tiles. Past the door Remeer can find the Platinum helm. Walk back to the room with the stairs, but instead of climbing upstairs, exit from the northern door. Past a long corridor is the first Dark Area. Use a spell that is affected by walls, e.g. Ghost, Bound or Impulse. The rightmost exit door leads to a reviving mirror, the leftmost door is locked, the central door is the one you want in order to proceed. The next Dark Zone is larger. It conceals the Silence key.

  • Silence key: Found on the first floor of Platinum. Contaminated by Dark Power.

This key opens the locked door in the first Dark Zone.

Castle key[edit]

Use the previous key on the leftmost door in the first Dark Zone to get the Castle key.

  • Castle key: Found on the first floor of Platinum. Thought to be used on second floor.

Well then, let's go back to the second floor. Follow the path around the big chasm. The key opens the second locked door you meet.

Second floor[edit]

Map of the second floor (Yellow = main path stairs. Red = detours and secrets. Pale grey = rooms that cannot be accessed).

Endless key[edit]

Open the door and navigate the room to find the Endless key.

  • Endless key: Found on the second floor of Platinum. It's rotting and falling apart.

Leave the room and walk westwards to find the door opened by this key.

Spirit key[edit]

Another room with crumbling floors. At the far end of it is the Spirit key.

  • Spirit key: Found on the second floor of Platinum. The spirit of the goblins is strong here.

This key os used on the last locked door around the big chasm, that is in the north-east part. Follow the long and winding corridor until you get to the stairs for the next floor.

Third floor[edit]

Map of the third floor (Yellow = main path stairs. Red = detours and secrets. Pale grey = rooms that cannot be accessed).

Night key[edit]

Follow the corridor, then turn east and enter the first door. Here's a new type of puzzle: a series of teleporters. Step on the middle tile in front of you, subsequently step on the rightmost tile. The next room has a crumbling path; you can jump all over it, so that enough tiles are left to come back, but to return it's easier to jump in the pit and let Ason of the Life Jade heal you. In the middle of the room is the Royal armor. Return in the main corridor, walk west and enter the next room.

This room has a complicated system of crumbling floors. Walk along one of the walls until you get the door. Push one rock on a switch, then jump diagonally. Leave the door platform towards the south and get behind the other rock. Push the rock on the second switch and jump diagonally to enter the door. Inside is the Night key.

  • Night key: Found on the third floor of Platinum. Even time seems to be controlled by Darkness.

This key opens the rightmost door in the hall. Navigate the corridor to get to the next floor.

Fourth floor[edit]

Map of the fourth floor (Yellow = main path stairs. Red = detours and secrets. Pale grey = rooms that cannot be accessed).

Platinum key[edit]

After saving, meet Kashian and Barness: the old man got injured, so he gives you the Phaser before teleporting back to town. This spell can create bridges over the "dark waters", i.e. the pits. Use it to get a Source of power in the westmost room of this floor. Now backtrack and continue to the south-east exit from this large hall. From the following corridor, enter the first room and use the Phaser to get to the Platinum key.

  • Platinum key:Found on the third floor of Platinum. Probably not contaminated by the Dark Power.

This key does not open any door on this floor. Now it's time to backtrack. The Platinum key actually opens a door on the third floor, beyond which you can find the Platinum sword.

Up & down[edit]

Destruction key[edit]

Backtrack to the second floor. Use the phaser to access two "floating islands in the chasm. One holds another Reviving mirror, the other one leads to the first floor. In the upper part of the Dark Zone you can find the Destruction key.

  • Destruction key: Received on the first floor of Platinum. It radiates light.

This key is used to open the other door in the Dark Zone.

Fountain key[edit]

Past the locked door in the Dark Zone is the Fountain key.

  • Fountain key: Found on the first floor of Platinum. Dark Power tightens the body.

This key is used on the fourth floor to open the last door in the southern corridor.

Entropy key & Afterworld key[edit]

Here's a nice labyrinth over the black water. Use the Phaser to cross the waters and the X-ray glasses to find your way. On the north-eastern corner you can find a Heart; the exit is to the northwest. The dark water labyrinth was somehow easy, but now it's time for another Dark Zone. A flight of stairs leads to a Drop of protect. The exit from this Dark Zone is in the room to the east. After the Dark Zone is a far easier maze, full of light. The stairs to the norteast lead to a room with a Drink and the Entropy key.

  • Entropy key: Found on the first floor of Platinum. Crushed by the terrible spirit of Darkness'.

The trick to solve the next room is to enter from the eastern door. Segment by segment, make the red ball follow you, then push the grey one; towards the end, push the grey before moving the red. New room, new puzzle. If Ason of the Life jade is at high level, don't bother dodging the red balls; in the same room, use the alcoves to dodge the bouncing blue balls. One last puzzle: push one grey ball against the blue one, then up; now push the blue ball vertically: you have to hit it with the other grey ball so that the latter can be pushed on the other switch. Beyond the door is the Afterworld key.

  • Afterworld key: Received on the third floor of Platinum. Gate to the Afterworld on the 4th floor.

Well then, let's go back to the fourth floor. In the room before the final boss you can find the Great Axe. Before facing the ending, it could be a good idea to spend some time leveling-up the Fairies.

BOSS: Bellstorm the Demon King[edit]

This is a fight in five parts:

  1. Destroy the tail;
  2. Hit the new head of the Demon King;
  3. Destroy the right arm transformed into a centipede;
  4. Destroy the left arm transformed into a vampire bat;
  5. Finally defeat Bellstorm the Demon King.

Once you defeat Bellstorm, enjoy the ending, then follow Remeer and Ferris in their next adventure: Mystic Ark!