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Many of the items can be found in the item shop, or weapon shop in town, although the weapon shop won't open until after you beat the first boss. Several dungeons have shopkeepers in them, though they tend to leave once you beat the dungeon, so be sure to stock up on things like shields or mushrooms while you can. Items can be sold for half their cost (so you buy an apple for 500, but can only sell it back for 250). Shields are an exception, because their selling price is also affected by how many endurance points they have left. They appear to be discounted on a percentage basis, so that a shield with half its endurance left is worth about half as much.


Healing items[edit]

BrainLord item+03HP-apple.png Apple: Restores 3 HP. Costs 500.
BrainLord item+06HP-cheese.png Cheese: Restores 6 HP. Costs 1000.
BrainLord item+10HP-mushroom.png Mushroom: Restores 10 HP. Costs 2000.
BrainLord item+20HP-meat.png Meat: Restores HP to full. This item is not buyable, but randomly appears inside breakable crates and when an enemy is defeated.

Status restoration items[edit]

BrainLord item-antidote.png Antidote Herb: Cures poison. Costs 500. When Remeer is poisoned, his attack is halved and he suffers double damage from enemies. Unlike most RPGs, the poisoned character won't progressively lose Health Points.
BrainLord item-capeherb.png Cape Herb: Cures paralysis. Costs 500. When Remeer is numbed, he will periodically get shocked: his action will stop, and his magic meter will empty.

Support items[edit]

BrainLord item-warpgate.png Warp Gate: Returns you to town. Costs 1500.
BrainLord item-drink.png Drink: Increases your speed for a short time. This item is rare and there are only two in the entire game.
BrainLord item-powercapsule.png Power Capsule: Doubles your power for a short time. Costs 2000.
BrainLord item-defensecapsule.png Defense Capsule: Doubles your defense for a short time. Costs 2000.


BrainLord treasure03000-silver.png Silver Bullion: Sell for cash. Worth 3000 G.
BrainLord treasure05000-gold.png Gold Bullion: Sell for cash. Worth 5000 G.
BrainLord treasure05001-coin.png Ancient Coin: Sell for cash. There are only two in the entire game. Worth 5000 G.
BrainLord treasure10000-crystal.png Crystal Piece: Sell for cash. There are only two in the entire game. Worth 10000 G.

Special Items[edit]

Attribute seeds[edit]

(These items appear in every role-playing video game by Enix)

BrainLord seed-heart.png Heart (HP seed): Use them to gain one life point and to refill your life. Worth 20000 G.
BrainLord seed-powersource.png Source of Power (Power seed): Raises your power by 1-3 points. Save before using it, reload if unhappy with upgrade.
BrainLord seed-protectdrop.png Drop of Protect (Protection seed): Raises your defense by 1-3 points. Save before using it, reload if unhappy with upgrade.

  • Strategy: in order to get the most from the Hearts, use them only when Remeer's HP is low. This way you'll benefit from both the HP increase and the healing effect.

Locations of Hearts:

  1. Road to Tower of Light
  2. Tower of Light, 2nd floor
  3. Tower of Light, secret room on 1st floor
  4. Tower of Light, 3rd floor
  5. Tower of Light, 4th floor
  6. Town of Arcs, in the same floor where you killed some rats, inside a crate breakable with an Ax.
  7. Abell ruins, 1st floor
  8. Abell ruins, 3rd floor
  9. Abell ruins, secret room on 2nd floor
  10. Ice castle, 1st floor
  11. Ice castle, 1st floor, too
  12. Town of Toronto, after clearing Ice Castle
  13. Platinum shrine, 4th floor

Locations of Sources of Power:

  1. Tower of Light, secret room on 1st floor
  2. Tower of Light, 3rd floor
  3. Abell ruins, secret room on 1st floor
  4. Abell ruins, 4th floor
  5. Tower of Light, 3rd floor, after clearing Abell Ruins, inside the chest protected by the merchant.
  6. Ice castle, 2nd floor
  7. Platinum shrine, 4th floor

Locations of Drops of Protect:

  1. Tower of Light, 2nd floor
  2. Abell ruins, 1st floor
  3. Abell ruins, 4th floor
  4. Ice castle, 1st floor
  5. Platinum shrine, dark area on 2nd floor

Unique items[edit]

BrainLord plotitem1-paperscrap.png Scrap of Paper: it gives a hint[1] about getting the Foundation jade. Worth 2 G.
BrainLord item-xrayglasses.png X-Ray Glasses: Use to see a map of the current level. This item cannot be sold or discarded.
BrainLord item-magicwallet.png Magic Wallet: Gains cash over time (but not very much). Use it to drain the cash. Money in the wallet doesn't appear to be halved when you die. Worth 50 G. Found in Tower of Light, down a hidden staircase behind the Warp Gate chest on floor 2.

  1. The paper scrap reads: "... went with Roun to the Tower of Light... divided into four parts... down the hidden staircase... that room... sealed up the Fairy source..."

Plot items[edit]

BrainLord plotitem2-dragonscale.png Dragon Scale: Very expensive. Found at the Tower of Light.
BrainLord plotitem3-silverplaque.png Silver Plaque: Found at the end of the Abell Ruins. Trade in Toronto for the Life Jade.
BrainLord plotitem4-duplicatekey.png 2 Duplicate keys: Both found and used in Toronto in order to advance the plot.
BrainLord plotitem5-sapphire.png Sapphire: Allows to access the Droog Volcano


See the section on jades for more information.

Jades hold Fairies that give you special powers or attack the enemy. You can have two jades active at any given time, after which using the other jades will have no effect. If a Fairy is already out, you can use its jade again to recall it. You can sell a jade only if the faerie is inside it, i.e. when the jade is not being used.