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Burgundy doesn't seem to be inspired from any particular singleplayer level. The map is pretty small, so many close-range firefights ensue. There are a total of five buildings that players can enter: a two-story house on the German side (in terms of flag spawns) of the map with an MG-42 on the upper floor, a partially destroyed two-story house on the American side with a .30-cal on the upper floor, two rooms of different houses, and a sniping perch—type room with a separated garage near the German building. The center of the map is overlooked by both machine guns, and therefore often becomes a killzone; there's a large street that splits into two and runs through the middle and one side of the map, and the other side of the map can be traversed through a large backyard.

TDM/DM Strategy[edit]

Holding at least one of the houses is important, as the added firepower of the MG-42s can give your team a great advantage. That said, the intact house is obviously easier to hold—a couple players can just camp at the top of the stairs and get a perfect line of sight to the entrance and anyone who tries to come up. The only thing to worry about in this setup is grenades being flung through the small window. With the other house, be prepared to run from grenades a lot... but if you can stay alive long enough, this is one of the best sniping spots in the map, with a clear view to the streets and part of the land next to the other house.

There's a small building you can enter near the intact house, with a small window giving a good view to the street in front. The great thing about sniping from here is that because of how dark the room is, enemies trying to get back at you from a distance won't have much luck. Just be careful of the barn directly behind, because some players like to camp here in the darkness and pick off anyone who tries to get in there.

Running down either of the two intersecting streets in the middle of the map is usually suicide. There's nowhere to take cover, and you're in view of everyone in the two houses. Therefore, when trying to traverse this map, take one of the two outer routes.

CtF Strategy[edit]

Incidentally, both flags are located near the two houses; the American flag in the yard next to the partially destroyed house, and the German flag next to the other one. Same tactics for traversing this map apply as in TDM; that is, use the outer two paths. If you get into one of those situations where you have the flag but yours isn't at the base, as a German your best tactic is to hide in the house. As an American, your house isn't very safe, so it's a better decision to either hang around the yard (maybe in that shed) or stay somewhere farther away from base. Snipers and bolt-riflemen should take up spots in the houses.

S&D Strategy[edit]