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There are five different modes in multiplayer. All modes can be found in both Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. Certain modes cannot be played on all maps. Deathmatch is the only mode where you are alone and not in a team.


There are no goals or teams, just every player for themselves. The player with the most kills wins the round; in the case of a tie, best kill/death ratio wins. The game ends either when a predetermined score is met by a player or when the optional timer hits zero.

Team Deathmatch[edit]

A more "realistic" mode, players pick (or sometimes are auto-assigned into) one of two teams. Depending on the map, the Allies are either the Russians, British, or Americans; the Axis are always Germans. The team that reaches a predetermined score (gained by kills and subtracted when a team kill or suicide occurs) or has more points when the timer runs down wins the round.

Capture The Flag[edit]

The player is put into a team and must capture the flag that is positioned somewhere in the battlefield. This is a "Two-flag" CtF, meaning that your own team's flag has to stay intact when you return with the other team's flag to get any points. The team who has captured the most flags after a certain time limit or reaches a preset score first wins.


Once again you are put into teams, but this time there'll be two capture points shown on your compass. One of these points will turn into an objective star. You must capture this point and set up headquarters. Then you have to defend your headquarters from the other team. If the opposing team beats your team to the HQ, you will have to destroy the HQ by standing next to the HQ or eliminating the other team. By holding on to the headquarters you will gain points at 1pt/sec. Destroying an opposing HQ will yield your team 10 points. Attacking team members have infinite lives, defending players are dead until the HQ is destroyed. The HQ will be destroyed after 120 points are accumulated on that HQ and then 2 new capture points will appear.

Search & Destroy[edit]

Allies must plant a bomb on one of the two designated bombsites and defend it until it explodes, or eliminate all Axis players to win. Axis either lets the timer run out, eliminate all enemies, or defuse a planted bomb to win.