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This is a basic guide of Call of Duty 2's weapons.


Tokarev TT-33[edit]

This is the Russians' pistol. Although it's not very powerful, and ammunition is scarce. One magazine contains 8 bullets, like the German Luger. This weapon has the fastest reload time out of all the pistols. In single-player, you should probably drop it as quickly as possible for a sub-machine gun; in multiplayer, there's more of an incentive for carrying it (faster movement speed), but for combat it should still be used only in emergency situations.This weapon has the lowest recoil over all the pistols.


This submachine gun has the largest ammunition capacity in the game, with 71 rounds per magazine and 426 total (in multiplayer, this number drops down to 284). It is moderately powerful, and has a very fast rate of fire; however, the PPSh is quite inaccurate, and unless you're fairly skilled with it, you will not be able to use it even at medium range due to the violent recoil. Excellent for the "spray and pray" people, clearing out rooms, and laying down suppressing fire.


This is a submachine gun with a more moderate (compared to the PPSh, at least) 35-round magazine. The PPS-42 is much more accurate than said other submachine gun, since the recoil pushes the gun backwards and not in random directions like the PPSh; therefore, it's a good choice if you need a weapon that can act as both a close-range weapon and a moderate-range rifle. However, it's lacking in stopping power, so if you're going for close combat only, the PPSh is a better choice.

Mosin-Nagant M1891/30[edit]

This is a bolt action rifle with five rounds. In singleplayer, you'll want to stay away from this weapon, as there are simply too many enemies to kill with a bolt rifle that must be reloaded after every shot, and it does more or less the same amount of damage as the semiautomatic SVT-40. However, the Mosin-Nagant shines in multiplayer, as it is capable of delivering devastating one-shot kills and is very accurate. Just be sure to pick up a semi-auto weapon for a sidearm, since that's a lot easier than mastering the art of shooting with bolt rifles at close range without aiming down the sight.

Scoped Mosin-Nagant[edit]

This is the scoped variant of the above-mentioned Mosin-Nagant rifle. It uses the same bolt system as the said weapon, the only difference being that you zoom into a sniper scope when aiming down the sight. The crosshair on this scope is harder to use than the British or American ones (since the lines on it don't converge), so you'll need to get some playing time in to get the hang of it.

Tokarev SVT-40[edit]

This is a semi-auto rifle, with 10 rounds per magazine. It's useful in missions that are more assault-based, but because of its comparatively low accuracy at long range, it is not a good sniping rifle. You'll want to use the SVT-40 for rapid fire and accuracy at medium distances; however, since that's what you'll be doing in the Russian singleplayer missions (save the last one and a few spots before that), go ahead and stick with this as your rifle of choice. You won't be seeing this weapon being used much in multiplayer, though, as most prefer the powerful and accurate Mosin-Nagant.

RGD-33 Grenade[edit]

The standard grenade of the Russian army, the RGD-33 is shaped somewhat like the German Steilhandgrenate, with the long handle below the explosive cap. In multiplayer, grenades that are shaped this way can be thrown farther, so there's a bit of luck.


Webley Mk.IV[edit]

The Webley is the most powerful pistol in the game, able to dish out one-shot torso and head kills in singleplayer. However, ammo is extremely scarce—don't expect to be carrying this one around for long, single or multiplayer. This revolver can hold 6 rounds, and can kill with two body shots even in multiplayer.

Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I[edit]

This is perhaps the best bolt action rifle, with a 10-round maximum capacity. It must be reloaded as a clip of five rounds, meaning that you can't reload when the weapon has more than six rounds in it. The Lee-Enfield fires comparatively fast by bolt action standards and has a long stock for melee attacking enemies. One of the few downsides of this weapon is its weight; you will feel your movement noticeably slower than over other bolt rifles.

Scoped Lee-Enfield[edit]

Like its non-scoped cousin, the Scoped Lee-Enfield features a 10-round magazine and five-round clips. This is the easiest sniper rifle to use in the game, due to the converging lines in the reticle as well as the little groove in the middle to help you aim.

Sten Mk.II[edit]

This submachine gun is fairly accurate (with a back recoil like that of the PPS-42), but not very powerful. It does have a far larger magazine capacity (32) than the Thomson, the other British submachine gun, so you might choose this weapon if you're going to be laying down covering or suppressing fire. In singleplayer, this weapon is found only in the European British campaign.

M1A1 Thompson[edit]

This is the default British submachine gun, and does not have a very big magazine capacity (20 rounds). It does have a lot of stopping power, however, and moderately accurate—meaning that you won't need a large mag anyway, for most situations. The Thompson fires very rapidly and has a fast reload time, making it a great close-range weapon.

Bren LMG[edit]

This is a light machine gun. The gun is quite powerful (it can kill with one body shot in singleplayer, and two or three in multiplayer), but ammunition is relatively scarce; given the Bren's large 30-round magazines, though, that's not likely to be a problem. Also, reload and melee times are both extremely slow, so try not to get into close-range encounters with this weapon. This weapon also has a lot of recoil—unusually, the recoil drags the Bren's crosshair down, not up. At any rate, you should never fire for a sustained period (more than 10 rounds at once) with this gun, since you won't be able to exert any control over the aiming if you do that. Despite all these drawbacks, the Bren's power and accuracy make it a worthwhile weapon.

No. 36 Mills Grenade[edit]

These are shaped like pineapples, and do not fly very far. As with all grenades, to throw these far, jump as you're throwing them.

Anti-aircraft gun[edit]

This huge weapon can only be used in the final objective of the final mission of the North African British campaign, and only be against aircraft at that. The turret can destroy incoming aircraft with one shot, but is hard to aim.


M1911A1 Colt .45[edit]

The Colt is the standard American pistol. The gun is moderately powerful for a pistol, and holds seven rounds per magazine. Similar to the Russian TT-33, although it has less ammo in each magazine and less reserve ammo.

M1903A4 Springfield[edit]

The American bolt action sniper rifle. The Springfield is quite useful, with its easy-to-use fine reticle (albeit without the grooves of the Lee-Enfield); this is the only scoped rifle in the game without a non-scoped variant.

M1 Garand[edit]

A semi-automatic rifle, the Garand is popular due to its incredible accuracy and ability to lay down covering fire. However, this rifle cannot be reloaded before the 8-round clip is used up completely; therefore, if you only have a couple rounds left in it, you should shoot the rest and reload to a full clip before going into a heated firefight. Another weakness of the Garand is the distinctive "ping" sound it makes when a used clip is discharged. Just like in real life, nearby enemies can hear this and know that you'll be defenseless for a second or two. However, the reload time itself is fairly fast.

M1 Carbine[edit]

Singleplayer:Better at close range than the Garand, due to its larger clip capacity and the ability to reload without emptying the magazine. It's on the weaker side, but it will still usually kill in one bodyshot at closer ranges.

Multiplayer:Tactically superior to the Garand in most situations. Unless you're trying to headshot someone across the map, it's better. It has the same power as the Garand, even taking into account damage dropoff over distance(though the Garand has a longer range where it can possibly hit an enemy). Its larger magazine, and the ability to reload mid-clip clinch it as the powerhouse of the American semi-autos.

M1A1 Thompson[edit]

The Thompson serves as the main submachine gun of both the British and American forces. As mentioned above, this does not have a very big magazine size, with only 20 rounds, but has moderate accuracy and a lot of power. The weapon performs admirably in close combat, but you might want to dump it in favor of the larger-capacity and more common MP40, an assault rifle like the MP44, or an LMG like the BAR if you're playing certain singleplayer missions, such as D-Day, or extremely open multiplayer maps, such as Brecourt.

M1918A2 BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle)[edit]

The BAR is the Americans' support rifle—powerful, accurate weapons that can lay down massive suppressing fire. However, it only has a 20 round magazine (a bit too small for truly effective support) and a slow reload time; furthermore, you will move at a glacial pace while carrying this huge gun, and finally, the BAR gets a lot of recoil. Fortunately, You can kill any enemy in one or two shots with it, eliminating the need for sustained fire.

M3 Grease Gun[edit]

This submachine gun is available only in multiplayer. Similar to the Sten and MP40 guns in terms of shape and usage, the Grease Gun has a 32 round magazine and is more accurate than the Tommy but less than the BAR. The iron sights on this gun is open at the top, making it hard to use, but you'll at least move pretty fast while using it.

Browning M1919A4 ".30-cal"[edit]

This light machine gun performs just like the German MG42, and is able to mow down waves of infantry with its unlimited ammunition. It fires a little slower than its German counterpart, but generates a lot less smoke.

Mk.2 'Pineapple' Grenade[edit]

The standard American grenade is nicknamed this way because of its distinctive pineapple shape. It behaves similarly to the British grenade.


Luger P08[edit]

The German pistol. It can be found very commonly in both single and multiplayer games. In singleplayer, gravely injured German soldiers will crawl away and pull out this weapon to make a last stand against you; all the more incentive to finish enemies off quickly, since once a German does this you won't be able to pick up whichever main weapon he was using (you will instead pick up the Luger).


The most widely used submachine gun of the German army. The gun can hold 32 rounds in a magazine, and is reasonably accurate even at long range. In addition, ammunition for this weapon is virtually everywhere (not so much true in multiplayer, though), so you may want to use the MP40 as you grind through the singleplayer campaign.

Sturmgewehr 44 (MP44)[edit]

The German assault rifle has a 30-round magazine and deals a lot of damage with high accuracy. However, ammo can be hard to find at times, since most Germans in the campaign carry MP40s. This is a different story in multiplayer, of course, so feel free to snipe, spray, or otherwise utilize the StG44 to your heart's content.

Mauser Karabiner 98k (Kar98k)[edit]

The Kar98k is the Germans' bolt action rifle, found easily in the singleplayer campaign. Although it's common, stay away from it during those missions, since a semi-automatic rifle will serve you much better for those purposes. Like the Mosin-Nagant, which it is very similar to, it is a staple during multiplayer matches for its one-shot-kill power and accuracy.

Scoped Kar98k[edit]

Usually, German weapons are more reliable and easier to use than other countries', but this is not the case for the Scoped Kar98k. The lines of the crosshair on its scope breaks off halfway to the middle, so it's not easy to aim precisely like with the British or Americans' converging crosshair. To get good with this weapon, you must practice estimating where the exact center of the scope would be. The broken crosshairs, however, can be used to snipe moving enemies: if he is running left, aim with the right crosshair.

Gewehr 43[edit]

This is the German semi-auto rifle, and operates just like the Tokarev SVT-40. Use it liberally during the Russian campaign, but try not to use it too much in multiplayer.

Scoped Gewehr 43[edit]

This sniper rifle is available only in four of the single player missions (two Russian and two American), and cannot be used in multiplayer at all. This weapon is unique in the sense that it's the only semi-automatic sniper rifle in the game; obviously, the gun has its advantages, such as being able to fire rapidly while scoped in, but it's quite inaccurate and suffers from high recoil.


This is a mounted machine gun. It deals great damage, is quite accurate, and has infinite ammo. However, it tends to throw dust and splinters around, making it hard to see the target at times. Spray for a while, then stop so you can see your target. It helps to automatically fire at anything that turns your targeting reticule red.


Being an anti-tank weapon similar to a bazooka, the Panzerschreck is not very useful against infantry (unless they're clumped together). You should only use this against tanks and half-tracks, then dump it when you're done demolishing them. This weapon is not available in multiplayer (unless you're on a modded server, of course).

Flak 88[edit]

This is a large cannon that hurls a bunch of flak around. If used properly, the gun can decimate hordes of infantry as well as destroy tanks in one shot. It takes some time to reload and swivel, so be careful and watch your back. The Flak Gun is not available in multiplayer (what would this do to game balance?).

Mod.24 Stielhandgranate[edit]

The most common grenade in the game, the Steilhandgranate is found everywhere, is just as powerful as the other grenades, and can be thrown further than any other.

All factions[edit]

Winchester M1897 Trench Gun[edit]

A shotgun available to all factions... but only in multiplayer. The weapon is lethal at point-blank or similarly close range, but utterly useless at a distance. Most maps have spots where you can rule with the shotgun (still, pick up a backup rifle or something), but the gun shines most in El Alamein... because almost the entire map is a network of trenches.

Smoke grenades[edit]

The smoke is always gray in singleplayer, but can be either gray, blue or green in multiplayer. Useful for retreat, getting across machine gunners, and flag capture rushes among other things... but beware when rushing into thick smoke. If your PC isn't very powerful, the performance may suffer due to the additional burden on graphics hardware, often getting you killed in multiplayer matches. When throwing these, try to throw them as close as possible to where you're trying to get to, so you have more of a surprise factor to your enemies when you emerge.


  • It's essential to have a good combination of weapons. A rifle and a submachine gun is a good standard combo.
  • German weapons should be your first choice in singleplayer, as ammo is plentiful for them.
  • Grenades are your best friends. Use them to clear away MG42 nests, or a room full of Nazis.
  • Pick up scoped rifles whenever you can. They are more accurate, and allow you to hit people from farther away.
  • You can spray a mounted machine gun, but it throws around smoke and splinters, so there's more incentive to just fire enough to kill. If you'd like to spray, oscillate your crosshair around and focus where it turns red, since you won't be able to see your target anyway.