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Lights fading...
Now who's the superior tank, huh?

Crusader Charge[edit]

  • Libya
  • 14 January 1943
  • Difficulty: 2 out of 10

This is more of a training for the next mission than a full-scale mission of its own. When you start, there won't be any enemies but a few helpless infantry around you. Spend a couple minutes learning the sometimes unintuitive controls and blowing up all the crates, barrels, and Nazis for fun. Once you think you're ready, join all the other tanks, and make a run across the sands like your superior tells you to. Once the German Tanks are in range, remember not to shoot at their armored front--it takes two extra shots to destroy them than if you'd shot the side or rear. There are quite a few enemies to destroy, but your allies will help you out.

Circling the tanks help too. Carry on going in one big circle around the battlefield picking off tanks individually. The key thing though is to keep moving. If you stay still for too long it gives the German tanks enough time to fire at you. Never drive towards the tanks either as they will be able to reload quicker and you will die. As gunning on the run is pain easy in CoD2 since the shell movement is calculated by your gunner already, just keep on the move. You'll often find that you're deep inside the mess, but don't worry too much about that. There must be at least 1 tank on your side alive.

88 Ridge[edit]

This will happen often in Veteran.
  • Libya
  • 17 January 1943
  • Difficulty: 5 out of 10

This mission is certainly harder than the last, but it's nothing near the El Daba or other missions. When you begin, roll your tank toward the rally point (the objective star) until you're told to fire at will. Do so at the defending Panzer IIs, and advance to find a small army of tanks and AT guns. The Anti-Tank guns go down in one shot, but they can kill you in two. Try to move around as much as possible to avoid giving the enemy free shots, and make sure to target tanks that are the closest to you. After this area is cleared, follow the others up to the passage on the northern side to discover yet another small army (the first Panzer you see here--the one really far away--can be taken out easily if you use the binoculars right). Repeat the previous massacre to complete the mission.

Veteran of The Tank Squadrons
60 Gamerscore points
Veteran of The Tank Squadrons
Finished The Tank Squadrons mission on Veteran difficulty