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Standard Items[edit]

Item Name Description
Castlevania Whip Upgrade.png Whip Upgrade Simon's whip can be upgraded two times; the first time will transform the leather whip into a morning star, which deals twice as much damage, and the second time will extend the length of the whip. Whip upgrades appear in candles that normally house small hearts, if you have collected enough hearts (5 for the first upgrade, 10 for the second). Your whip returns to its original form when you die.
Castlevania Heart Small.png Small Heart Hearts serves as a form of ammunition, allowing Simon to use his secondary weapon. Small hearts are worth one heart and can be found in the majority of candles and are often dropped by enemies. They are very light, so they waft back and forth as they slowly fall to the floor. Large hearts are worth five hearts and, since they are much heavier, drop to the ground quickly. You will receive a bonus after each boss fight for every leftover heart.
Castlevania Heart Large.png Large Heart
Castlevania Money 100.png Red Money Bag Money bags will appear throughout the castle, in numerous candles and drop by enemies at random. And although Simon has no need for money, collecting these bags increases your score, which will eventually earn you an extra life. Collect them whenever you can, but don't put Simon's life at risk to get one.


  • Red bag: 100 points
  • Purple bag: 400 points
  • White bag: 700 points
Castlevania Money 400.png Purple Money Bag
Castlevania Money 700.png White Money Bag


To throw your secondary weapon, you must have enough hearts when you press Up dpad+B button. Most secondary weapons consume one heart per use. The only exception is the stopwatch, which requires 5 hearts per use. Collect as many hearts as you can in order to have a large supply when you encounter bosses.

Weapon Name Description
Castlevania Dagger.png Dagger The Dagger is the most basic secondary weapon. It flies fast and straight, striking any target that is in front of Simon. It is approximately as powerful as the leather whip, and cannot hit more than one target.
Castlevania Axe.png Throwing Axe The Throwing Axe is a powerful weapon, but it can be difficult to use until you learn it's flight path. It starts out flying high and arcs back down to the floor. It's not useful for striking enemies that are right in front of Simon, but it's great for hitting enemies that are much higher than him, including flying enemies and Knights on ledges above you.
Castlevania Holy Water.png Holy Water Holy Water seems like a weak weapon, until you learn how to properly use. When vials of Holy Water break on the floor, the water erupts in a small flame, making each vial like a small bomb. While you can hit enemies with the vials directly, the key to using Holy Water is trapping enemies in the flame that appears on the floor. It is incredibly effective against slow moving enemies, including numerous bosses and Axe Knights.
Castlevania Boomerang.png Boomerang The Boomerang is a substantial weapon, as powerful as the Throwing Axe and not only can it hit multiple enemies with a single throw, it also to returns back to its thrower, striking enemies on the return trip as well. If you jump over the Boomerang, it will continue on, hitting enemies behind you. Because the Boomerang has such a high likelihood of hitting multiple enemies, you are very likely to earn a lot of bonus points using this weapon.
Castlevania Stopwatch.png Stopwatch The stopwatch is an unusual secondary weapon for a number of reasons. For one thing, it is the only weapon that requires five hearts for each use. For another, it is not a weapon that you actually hit enemies with. Instead, it freezes enemies and moving spike traps for five seconds, allowing Simon to walk through the halls of the castle in relative safely. There are, however, four important limitations to the stopwatch: most bosses are immune to the stopwatch, freezing time does not prevent items from disappearing, you will still sustain damage from touching frozen enemies/spikes, and you will still die from falling in a pit.

Special Items[edit]

Item Name Description
Castlevania Cross.png Cross If Simon collects a cross, every enemy on the screen will be instantly destroyed, regardless of how much life it has left. Crosses can be found in specific candles and are very rarely dropped by enemies. It will not work against any boss, though it will destroy their projectiles. Additionally, you do not receive any points for enemies killed by a cross.
Castlevania Invisibility Potion.png Invisibility Potion If Simon finds and drinks the Invisibility Potion, he will turn invisible for approximately five seconds. During this time he appears as a shimmering form, and he can walk past enemies without fear of getting hurt, however you will still die from falling in a pit.
Castlevania Pot Roast.png Pot Roast/Pork Chop The Pot Roast/Pork Chop is an extremely valuable item that will restore 6 units of health in Simon's vitality meter. This can mean the difference between dying and beating a stage. Because this item is so useful, it can only be found in otherwise normal looking blocks that must be destroyed with the whip. (List of all Roasts)
Castlevania Double Shot.png Double Shot Normally, there can only be one secondary weapon on screen at one time. With the Double or Triple Shots, Simon will be able to throw two or three weapons at a time. Shot multipliers may be found in hidden locations around the castle. The can also be found in candles and dropped by enemies, but they will also appear if you hit enemies with the same secondary weapon ten times. If you pick up a different secondary weapon, you lose your multiplier. The stopwatch is not effected by multipliers, but you receive 700 points for picking up a Multiplier while carrying one. (List of all Shot Multipliers)
Castlevania Triple Shot.png Triple Shot
Castlevania Money 1000.gif Bonuses Several secret items, such as crowns or treasures, can be found around the castle by activating hidden locations around the castle. Flashing money bags are worth 1000 points while crowns and chests are worth 2000 points. (List of all bonuses)
Castlevania Crystal Ball.gif Crystal Ball A Crystal Ball will appear whenever Simon defeats a castle boss. The Crystal Ball is the indication that one of the 6 stages of the castle is finished. To fight Dracula, Simon must amass five Crystal Balls by defeating the five bosses that occupy the different legs of the castle.