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The Fishmen return in force as you plunge to the underground depths of the castle. Bats will fly about at the most inconvenient moments while you ride platforms only inches above the water. When you rise to the surface, Fleamen will assail you as they drop from the claws of giant Eagles. And before you can face Frankenstein's Monster and his diminutive keeper Igor, you will be challenged by a slew of fire-breathing dragon skeletons.

Stage 10[edit]

Castlevania Stage 10.png

After descending to the underground tunnel of the castle where the Fishmen make their home, you will need to make use of the floating platforms that will ferry you over the deadly water below. With a continuous stream of Bats and Fishmen attacking you, you will have to chose the timing of your leaps very carefully.

Crouching is the only way to pass this rocky obstacle
  1. There is a Stop Watch located before the first platform. While it may help you with some of the nastier enemies in this leg, it won't be of any use against the boss or the perilous jumps. Destroy a bat before jumping on to the platform, then stay low and whip any bats as soon as you see them coming so that they can't knock you off.
  2. The Holy Water found at the top of the ledge here is useful against the boss, and can even be used against some of the Bone Dragons in Stage 12. Leap onto the next floating platform and this time, you will have to crouch under the low-hanging ceiling, or you will be pushed off the platform and into the water below.
  3. After you crouch below the ceiling a second time, you are almost at the end of this challenging stage. Continue to whip bats as soon as you see them, and don't pay a lot of attention to the candles above you unless you are sure you can whip them safely.

Stage 11[edit]

Castlevania Stage 11.png

At first, you may think that this stage is void of enemies. Then a large Eagle will appear, clutching a Fleaman in its talons. It will drop the Fleaman near you and then fly off. Then another will appear, and another, until the sky is full of Eagles. And when it's finally over, you'll come face to face with a Bone Dragon.

Stand at just the right distance to whip the Fleamen
  1. Once the Eagles begin to appear, they won't stop until you reach the end of the stage. The Fleamen that they deliver are annoying you, but they almost always drop to the ground precisely within striking range. As soon as you see them fall, hold perfectly still and crack your whip a split second before they touch the ground. Don't let large groups form, or you'll never survive. Clear them out, press forward, clear out the next, and so on, until you reach the gate.
  2. You will encounter your first Bone Dragon here. Prepare yourself by standing at the farthest possible distance from it while still being within strike range. Its head will writhe up and down on a long neck. You can remain on the ground and wait for the head to drop low enough for you to strike it, or you can jump in the air to hit it as well. The Boomerang is highly effective, as is the Axe. Whatever you do, always be prepared to strike the fireballs that escape its maw. If you continue to walk forward when the bone dragon is about to appear, you can walk under it and reach the door without a fight.

Stage 12[edit]

Castlevania Stage 12.png

This seemingly desolate sewer tunnel has exactly four occupants, and two of them are the guardian Frankenstein's Monster along with his handler, Igor. The other two are Bone Dragons. Although these long necks with fangs can't harm you unless you get too close, they are difficult to kill and can do quite a bit of damage with their fireball attack. Don't underestimate them.

Grab this hidden food before you face the boss
  1. For first Bone Dragon, stay on the higher ledge and use the same strategy as you did with the one in Stage 11. Stand at the far back as possible and either whip it or use Boomerangs. If you have a Shot Multiplier you may be able to kill it before it gets a shot off. Once you've destroyed it, whip the block that it attached to for a Pot Roast.
  2. A second Bone Dragon will appear here, in one last attempt to keep you from reaching the boss. Stand back and use the same weapons as before. Just don't let any of the fireballs slip past your whip. Break the block behind the dragon for a large heart.

The Pride of Frankenstein[edit]

See the bosses section for more.

Frankenstein's Monster and his little companion, Igor, are truly reanimated by your arrival in their hall. Although The Monster has certainly been bulking up, the real threat comes from Igor, who leaps off The Monster's shoulders and attacks you with fireballs. If you've managed to hold on to either the Holy Water or Boomerang all this time, you can do a lot of damage to The Monster in a very short time, especially if you have a Shot Multiplier. Otherwise, be prepared for a long fight, where you must constantly dodge Igor and the fireballs that he throws at you. Don't bother trying to kill Igor as he is completely invulnerable. The key to beating the boss without any items is to whip Igor once to freeze him and then deliver a stream of blows to Frankenstein's Monster. Keep your eye on Igor and immediately attempt to strike him when he unfreezes and then deliver more blows to Frankestein until he's dead.