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Castlevania: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Box artwork for Castlevania: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.
Distributor(s)Nintendo eShop
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Wii Virtual Console
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Release date(s)
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Wii Virtual Console
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System(s)NES, Wii VC, Nintendo 3DS VC, Wii U VC
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
Preceded byCastlevania II: Simon's Quest
Followed bySuper Castlevania IV
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Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (悪魔城伝説 Akumajou Dorakula Densetsu?, lit. Devil Castle Dracula Legend) was the third Castlevania game released by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System. While the previous game was radically different than the first game, this one was very much like the original.


In-game introduction
(official localization)
Translation from Japanese
(by Vice, 2003)
During 15th Century Europe, there lived a person named Dracula.

He practiced sorcery in order to create a bad world filled with evil.
15th Century Europe. In this dark age, an evil person named Vlad Tepes lived in Transylvania.

Having reached the limits of his power, he revived dark gods, and used their power to terrorize the nation of Wallachia.
He began taking over the Continent of Europe, changing countries from good to bad.

The good people of Europe tried to fight off Dracula, but none was able to survive.
Driven insane by his own greed, he planned to take over all of Europe.

The Holy Church called out to arms and sent an army to stop Tepes, or as he called himself, Dracula, but none of them returned alive...
Finally, the Belmont family was summoned to battle Dracula's vile forces.

The Belmont family has a long history of fighting evil.
Seeing that their efforts were futile, the Church decided to hand the task of slaying Dracula to the Belmond family,...

...known "vampire hunters" for many generations.
The townspeople became afraid of the Belmonts super-human power and asked them to leave the country.

Fortunately the people found a mighty Belmont, called Trevor.
...But they were feared because of their power. They vanished and have not been heard of since.

The Pope never gave up, and at last found one young man: Ralph Belmond.
The curse of Dracula has begun. The fate of Europe lies with Trevor. 100 years before Simon Belmond, Dracula and mankind's battle begins...

The game stars Trevor Belmont and chronologically is the first game after Lament of Innocence. Trevor will be accompanied by Alcuard, the son of Dracula, Sypha Belnades, a witch captured by Dracula, and Grant DaNasty, ghost of a pirate killed by Dracula. The gameplay is significantly different than the original as there are multiple paths to get from the start to Dracula's castle. The routes vary significantly in difficulty, allowing the player to choose how hard the game is as they play.

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