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As usual, Pinkle will contact Tingle. When you're back in control again, head north. Tingle will see a plant that ought to remind you of the oysters on Sunshine Seashore. The Look-What-I-Found Kid is trapped inside, so try getting him out of the Vitampin Plant like you got Snatched Pearls out of the oysters. Pay 250 rupees for the Deku Forest map. Now head south, past the landing spot, and then west. Keep walking to find a house. This is Junglo's house and Tingle is going to need his help to proceed on this island. Junglo is not home though, so keep walking up two stairs and follow the path. At the end there is a waterfall, where Junglo seems to be in trouble. Go ahead and help him. Tingle will than be asked if he will escort Junglo back home. If there is a bodyguard present, Junglo also asks you to lose him. Say yes to both to proceed. The path you just traced from Junglo's house is now filled with blue insects. Be careful, as Junglo will die if he gets in any fights. Tingle must sneak by or rumble each insect without assistance. When Junglo gets back to his house he will ask Tingle how much he wants as a reward. Ask 2000 rupees.

Pass the landing post and head south, then west. The Journalist is found fainted again, this time knocked off by Oinkers. Head back to hometown and go to Bella, select the "Sweet Fragrance" topic and pay her 650 to get the Sweet Juice recipe. Go home to make the juice if Tingle has some Sour Watermelon already; if not, walk around Deku forest and you're bound to find some, then go home and make the juice. Go back to Deku Forest and revive the Journalist. Ask for 1600 as a reward for saving him.

East of where Tingle found the Journalist, Duke is waiting for Tingle to pay his bridge building wages. 699 rupees will do and Tingle will then have a bridge between Lon Lon Meadows and Deku Forest.

Continuing to the southwest from where the Journalist was saved, Tingle will find another Oinker camp. Using the Oinker snout to gain access has Tingle facing off against 2 more Oinker warriors. Lure them into charging a wall or each other and then rumble'em! The Oinker totem breaks open, and inside Tingle will find a Dazzling Brooch. Just east of the Oinker camp is the Deku Orb. Mark it and tap out a few rupees.

Tingle's next stop should be the Deku Tree, located in the Northeast corner of the Deku Forest, just past the Forest Maze. To start, head just Northwest of the Deku Forest landing point. Spot the Junglo Bell, which Tingle can mark off on his map. When Tingle rings it, Junglo will appear; imagine that! Tingle will explain that he wants the bridge fixed, and Junglo will only need 300 rupees to "fix" the bridge.

Following the path from the "fixed" bridge toward the Northwestern section of the Deku Forest will have Tingle spotting the Salon and Forest Maze rather easily. There is a silly archery type mini-game to be found here in an odd, lofty, dig-able patch of land. Are you a bad enough dude to try it?

To proceed, head along the winding path east towards the Forest Maze, where there is yet another Junglo Bell to ring. Mark it on your map, and give it a tug. Junglo will appear and offer to give Tingle tips to finishing the Forest Maze... for a price. If Tingle wants to keep his rupees (and let's face it, he does) decline his offer and simply enter the Forest Maze. Once inside, exit each screen in these directions: Up, Left, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up.

Head North and Tingle will arrive at...

Deku Temple[edit]

Upon entering the Deku Tree area Tingle will converse with the Deku Tree himself... herself... itself. After subtly questioning if Tingle is really a human, the Deku Tree will inform TIngle that he must enter its depths and retrieve the Life Dew. Of course, first Tingle must pay to open both the Tree itself and the Gate to the Deku Temple. Offer the Tree 1 rupee and the Gate 1500 rupees. Hopefully Tingle has a few hundred extra rupees left over, and a bodyguard handy, too.

Head Southwest and down the stairs you'll find there to B2. It’s noticeably darker on this floor and Tingle will come across an odd shaped plant siren rather quickly. The siren will open if Tingle or his bodyguard get close, and summon plant monsters if too close. Make your way up the Southernmost Red root ladder in this room and step on the switch. The light level will increase, causing the red roots to shrivel and the green roots to grow. That one switch flip is enough to get every rupee out of this area and also hit the button in the Northwest corner of the room. Head back upstairs once Tingle has hit the switch in the Northwest.

That room is extremely lucrative! Triggering both of the sirens and getting all four black flowers in the same dust cloud will yield several Purple Rupees. What does this mean? Well, with an Assertive bodyguard, Tingle can fight them over and over again, winning Rupees at a much faster rate than losing them. And if your bodyguard is defeated, you can easily pay to revive. It's not a bad idea to grind here to pass the time while waiting for your Vitamins.

When Tingle enters the center room, three differently colored roots will break the soil surrounding the ladder down. Something must not want Tingle to go down there! Luckily, other ladders were also opened when Tingle hit the switch on B2.

Taking the Northwestern ladder down to B3 Tingle will find a hand statue just West of the ladder. Rumble with some green flowers to the south, then head East. Hug the West wall up to the cog, and try to spin the bronze gate open. Three green plants will pop up and will want to rumble. After Tingle finishes them up, open the gate fully. The far West room has a locked door, and if you have a medium bodyguard you can find a chest with a Rupee Good! Through the gate is a ladder down to Secret Room 1.

Mini Boss, Giant Red Vine: Choose a corner, and dismiss the plants from existence. Wait for Vine to toss some mushrooms at Tingle, pick one up, then feed one to it. Do this three times and head back to the central room.

Taking the Southeastern ladder down to B4, Tingle will find himself in a room of bumpers and black flower monsters. Take them out, and on the west side of the room go south. You'll find a green chest, inside containing all the money the Deku Tree has been saving up for the Forest. For me, it was just 1 rupee. North from there Tingle will find a Large boulder, which can be moved with a Large bodyguard to find a chest with a Rupee Good! And just slightly beyond that is a Hand statue in case you need to escape and restock (or change your bodyguard).

The next room has Tingle shut in, against two black flowers and a pink one who shoots seeds. Rumble 'em! The three grey orbs on the wall will light up white with each one defeated, then flash white and grey while the doors open to indicate Tingle won. Toss a bomb at the pillar to the South. POW! Good job. Hug the walls to make your way through the spike rooms, and either dash by or rumble the pink flowers. Head down the ladder to Secret Room 2.

Mini Boss, Giant Yellow Plant: Pick one corner of the room, rumble the green and pink plants and repeat as necessary. When they are both not present, wait for the Giant Yellow Plant to toss mushrooms at Tingle, pick one up, and feed it to him. Do this three times, defeat him, and head back to the central room.

Taking the Northeastern ladder down to B5, you notice again its darker. There are tons of sirens on this floor, and I really hope you've got a good sense of their range and a smart bodyguard. While the lights are off, take the first northern path Tingle finds to locate a Red vine ladder, and past that a Hand statue and a light switch. Hit the switch and proceed to the chests. On the right 1000 and on the left... TRICK! Hand over 200 rupees and an Ancient Coin is Tingle's! (It's only worth 50 rupees, though.)

After that, head to the far West and after rumbling a few plants, open a door, then turn the lights on. The chest furthest East has 640 rupees in it, with a Green vine ladder leading up to it.

Find the large bronze gate near this room's center, and dispatch the pink flower. Quickly take the green root ladder located east of the gate up. Once up there, Tingle will be able to open the gate by tapping on the cog. Do this quickly, as the pink flower will be back. If you're fast you can take a hit from the pink flower, get back on the cog, and open it a little bit before taking another seed to the face. Find Tingle's way through the bronze gate once it's open and head down the ladder to Secret Room 3.

Mini Boss, Giant Green Vine: Pick one side of the room, clear the small flowers, and feed the Giant Green Vine its own mushrooms three times. Head back to the central room after.

Once in the central room, take the uncovered ladder down to B6 to learn that the Life Dew has been polluted! Time for action! After pressing the switch just below the door to the left, have Tingle jump into the giant chest to face...

Boss, Fierce Tricolour Flower Bana Bana: The plants will toss their three different types of mushrooms at Tingle, and it's his mission to use the springy plant to deliver the correct mushroom to the correct plant. The Red mushrooms are probably the most dangerous, but all in all taking out each one is fairly simple. Tingle's bodyguard will happily deflect the spike spheres that are increasingly dispensed from the center hole on Bana Bana, letting Tingle breeze to mushrooms and then the closest Springy Plant. Once launched, just aim the center of the screen for the correct one of Bana Bana's mouths. Three mushrooms for each head, and you're done! Collect 9000 rupees, the Super Rupee, and some purified Life Dew!

Up top, after tossing a Life Dew on the heir of Deku Forest it's time to collect Tingle's reward; 6000 rupees! After pocketing the his reward, change bodyguards then head back into the Deku Temple for one of the two bodyguard-reliant items you missed! Otherwise, Return Home and toss 18,000 rupees into the Tower's pond. You can now travel to Steamy Marsh.

Post Deku Temple Fun[edit]

Big Bro's Sidequest[edit]

This time Tingle can find Dave's brother along the same path that was taken when rescuing Junglo, only in reverse this time. Once Tingle manages to stealthily follow him to his destination, talk to him to receive another Empty Bottle with a letter inside. The letter reads much happier, but slightly more insane than the previous ones.


Junglo will sell Tingle some clues on how to create Vitamins! He pays 2,000 for Vitamins, so it is worth the time. If Tingle has some leftover Scrap Broth, great! If not, travel back to the house, waste some ingredients (use moss since that has very little use) and pick up at least 2; take a larger multiple of 2 if Tingle has plenty of empty bottles. To start the process, simply drop the Scrap Broth on the Forest Clams. One is located by the baboon bridge and the other is located Northwest of Junglo's house. After the water has been supplied, its just a matter of time before Tingle can collect the Vitamins! Check back after his next extended adventure to be happily surprised that Tingle is richer than you think!

Digging for fun and profit[edit]

Tingle can dig up some interesting items in Deku Forest. OK, not that interesting, but Tingle can still dig 'em up! Just South of the Deku temple, Tingle can dig up a Pirate Chest and Explosive Claws! Sweet deal! Around the Cherry Tree west of there, Tingle can dig up Twisted Tusks. In the dirt patch at the the intersection just before the Cherry Tree clearing, he can dig up Glowing Spores. On the South side of the forest: Tingle can dig up some Gelatine in the soft patch under the 3 Gelatine monsters, albeit somewhat rarely. Hey, it’s better than taking Gelatine to the face. Near the Deku Orb Tingle can dig up Amethysts, and pretty frequently, too! They are worth 150 rupees to the Jeweler, and also a fine way to kill time while waiting on Vitamins.

Forest Maze Empty Bottle[edit]

Junglo is selling this information for roughly 1,500 rupees, but if Dialogs are of no importance, simply enter the Maze and follow these directions; right, up, right, down, down, right, down, left, down, left, up, left, up. Inside this area is a chest containing an Empty Bottle. Exiting the area will find Tingle outside the Maze; no need for bread crumbs.

Sour Watermelons, you'll thank me later: Before Tingle Travels off to further fame and fortune, don't forget a few of these little guys! Having a dozen or so Sour Watermelons before you leave the First Continent is my recommendation. It will save Tingle time and money in the long run, not to mention keeping the game flow that much tighter. If you're curious; some Sweet Potatoes, Power Garlic, and Aroma Toadstools are worth having in stock as they do not appear elsewhere. Large Shells are also easier to collect in Cape Treasure, but they can be found in the Second continent regardless.