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Unlike the classic Gauntlet games, Generators produce a finite number of enemies. The enemies produced by generators are all melee fighters. The larger the generator, the more powerful the enemies are that it produces. As you attack generators, they get weaker, and produce weaker enemies. If a generator stops producing enemies, one hit will start it on a new set.


Death appears as a shrouded Reaperesque figure that drains life out of you with a beam resembling green fire when he gets close. The easy way to kill Death is with a potion, and if you do it before they come out of the chest/barrel, they will appear as food instead. If you happen to have an Anti-Death Halo, they will try to avoid you. You can try and catch them, and drain some life from them, if you would like.


These creatures are large, approximately the size of the giant player. They generally sit dormant on the ground until they are approached, at that point they begin attacking you. Their attacks hurt, a lot, and will knock you to the ground. The best method is to pull back and unleash some Turbo attacks on them.


These enemies are not spawned from generators, and are in place when you start the level. They either shoot arrows, or hurl bombs at you from a distance, usually in a location where there are melee attackers all around you. Either rush them (they will retreat) or back out of range, wait for the coast to clear, then head in.

Suicide Bombers[edit]

The bombers charge at your carrying either a poison or explosive barrel. When they run into you they blow up. The trick is to listen for the yell, then start shooting blindly ahead of you. Sometimes you’ll hit them before they even show up. They’re fast, but not too fast, you can shoot them down if you see them coming. Beware, if you shoot them too close, you’ll still get part of the explosion.