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Summoning is a skill that allows the user to handle pets. The higher level of the skill, the greater the creature that can be summoned. Summoning Dolls are needed to initially summon (create) pets and to revive them.

After summoning a pet, you will notice your summoning points — a bar that slowly drains as your pet remains active. When your summoning points reach zero, your pet will be temporarily dismissed. Your summoning points will slowly recharge, and once they reach the maximum amount pressing F6 will re-summon your pet for free.

Your pet will be in "Standby Mode" by default. This means that it will not attack, but will gain experience. If you press Shift and click on a monster your summon will attack it. You may have your summon auto attack anything that you attack by setting it to "Attack Mode" using the summon tab under the status page.

If your pet has died, you'll need to gather the necessary items for the NPC to revive them.

To evolve a creature, you must first level it to the minimum required level, then gather the necessary materials and talk to the NPC.

Summonnable Creatures and Their Evolutions[edit]

  • Summon level: the level of summoning skill required to initially summon a creature.
  • Evolution level: the level that the creature must reach before being able to evolve.
  • Materials needed: the required materials for evolving.
  • Evolves to: for some creatures you will be given a choice as to what you want your pet to become.
Name Summon Level Evolution Level Materials Needed Evolves To
Evil Raccoon 1 1 1xEvil Raccoon Doll Green Mushroom Boy, Pink Pig, or Pink Rabbit
Green Mushroom Boy
Pink Pig
Pink Rabbit