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  • SNES stage: 10 (final).

Dead End Cell(Cell)[edit]

  • This stage is an organic fortress, and features parts from previous games.
  • The most notable feature are the Tentacles from Gradius. These pink blobs now can have webs attach them to the floor. They are the same as in Gradius, although they have less health and can fire less bullets and also can only spawn two arms. Ripple Lasers work well, and Type B is a definite must for the stage.
  • There's not much different about this stage, although the pathway narrows in the middle of the level. Tentacles, along with Octas and Supergus, occipy this part. Again, Type B is a yes here.
  • The regenerating tissue from Salamander is back, although slightly different. Here, the tissue can lead to spaces with Tentacles inside them. Once you're out, the boss fight starts.

Boss: Gregol[edit]

Gregol is a series of brains that follow each other like a snake. The weak point is the eye, which opens and closes and also fires spread shots. Every once in a while, Gregol releases two arms that trap you. It will then pull towards you, but if an arm is destroyed, Gregol flies towards the other arm. The process repeats until he dies.

SNES Differences[edit]

  • No tentacles stick to the ceiling or floor.
  • The passageway will not narrow.
  • The regenerating tissue part is a little more like Salamander's version. During that time, organic bubbles come from the ceiling and floor.
  • Gregol has been replaced by the final boss, Bacterion.