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  • SNES stage: 6.

Cosmo Plant (Plant)[edit]

  • This stage features a plant-like style, and is easy, compared to Fireball Hell there.
  • Dukers and Uros occipy the level, and a new look on a Dee-01, as well as on hatches. There is a new enemy, a "leaf" that can explode into a 5-way spread shot.
  • In parts of the level, you will see plants rising and reaching for you. If you get caught by a plant, it will pull you into the ground. This is easy to escape from, but just be careful. Also, watch for growing walls, as they can kill you surprisinly. Sometimes the path splits in two, and the top paths are more safer.

Boss: Choking Weed[edit]

Choking Weed emerges from the ground. When it gets to the back, it opens its leaves to reveal the "mouth" , which is the weak point. Choking Weed attempts to suck you up. It has two set of arms: pincers that protect the mouth, and small arms on the body that can be destroyed. Both sets of arms fire bullets while Choking Weed sucks you up. It should be dead during its second sucking up attempt.

SNES Differences[edit]

  • There are no Duckers or Uros.
  • The grabbing plants kill on contact.
  • One set of Choking Weed's arms are removed.