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When starting a new game, you have to name the character. Parin is the default. Then you have to select a difficulty. Initially, only Normal and Beginner is available.

Difficulty Description Unlock
Hard Clear Normal or Beginner
Happy Clear Normal and Hard
Crazy Clear Happy

There are two main currencies: Pockles and Junk. Pockles can be obtained from breaking objects and defeating enemies. It is used for purchasing items. Junk is acquired from Phantoms that have equipment and breaking trash cans. It is used for upgrading headgear in Disk's Discount Shop.

Special Moves[edit]

There are six special moves that can be learned after acquiring the required drill parts.

  • Forward Slash
  • Pretty Missile Kick
  • Dragon Flame
  • Downward Lunge
  • Drill Tornado
  • Spinning Dance