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Capo Bucciarati: The First Order from the Boss (ブチャラティ幹部:ボスからの第一指令 Bucharati Kanbu: Bosu kara no Dai-Ichi Shirei)
Narancia Ghirga vs. Formaggio

At his hideout, Bucciarati introduces Giorno to his team of other Stand users: Leone Abbacchio, Guido Mista, Pannacotta Fugo, and Narancia Ghirga. Pericolo, a capo in the gang, arrives to collect Polpo's fortune (amounting to 600 million!), which Bucciarati is already in possession of. Promoting Bucciarati to the role of capo, Pericolo relays to the team a direct order from the boss: protecting the boss's daughter, Trish Una, as other Stand-using gang members are after her, hoping to extract information about the boss from her. She asks Narancia to get her some rather fancy things, and Bucciarati sends him out to shop for supplies and food. However, while on this errand, he runs into a member of the Hitman Team out to capture Trish, who introduces himself as Formaggio, and provokes Narancia into attacking.

You'll now control Narancia for this level, and must defeat Formaggio. Uniquely, Narancia has a remote Stand, so you can send out Aerosmith and control the plane freely. While it's out, its radar (in the bottom-right corner of the screen) can also track the breath of Formaggio and the many rats scurrying about the stage. However, keep in mind that Narancia cannot move while Aerosmith is out, so call it back if you think you may be in danger of getting hit. Formaggio will employ a hit-and-run strategy, occasionally attacking you while he runs around and takes cover behind cars, and using the ability of his Stand, Little Feet, to shrink so he can hide around the stage and even hitch rides on rats. Also, if Little Feet manages to land a hit on you, you'll temporarily shrink and will have to avoid a giant Formaggio's stomps and grabs until you grow back to normal.

Secret Factors
The second Secret Factor will only activate once the fourth has been achieved.
1. Shoot a rat. (ネズミをシュート)
Stand Shoot any of the rats that dart across the stage occasionally (they'll appear on Aerosmith's radar as small dots). Narancia will wonder if their breath is being picked up by Aerosmith's radar, and you'll be rewarded with +2.
2. Shoot a rat carrying Formaggio. (ホルマジオをのせたネズミをシュート)
After achieving the fourth Secret Factor, Stand Shoot a rat while Formaggio is hanging onto it. A rat Formaggio hangs onto will appear slightly bigger, and it'll appear as a big dot on Aerosmith's radar. This will reward you with +2.
3. Destroy a car. (自動車を破壊)
Destroy any of the three vehicles on the stage while Formaggio's next to it. Narancia declares that he'll smoke out Formaggio by blowing up the cars, and this will temporarily deprive Formaggio of one of his hiding spots and heavily damage him (and potentially you as well, if you or Aerosmith are too close), as well as reward you with +2.
4. Survive being shrunk without being hurt. (小さくされた後ノーダメージで逃げ切る)
Get shrunk by Little Feet, then take no damage until you grow back to normal size. This will reward you with +4.

Once the stage is beaten, Narancia and Formaggio have a face-off, with Formaggio sure of his victory due to being so close to the boy. Fortunately, Narancia emerges victorious, but with his dying breath, Formaggio warns Narancia that things will only get worse for him and his allies, and the boy laments losing his supplies and money in the scuffle.