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Venezia's Santa Lucia Station - Get the "OA-Disc"!
(ヴェネツィア・サンタ・ルチア駅『OA-DISC』をゲットせよ! Venetsia Santa Ruchia Eki "Ou Ei Disuku" o Getto seyo!)
Guido Mista vs. Ghiaccio

With the train out of commission, our heroes are forced to continue on by car. Bucciarati receives another email from the boss, which instructs him and his team to collect the OA-Disc hidden at Santa Lucia Station. The group decides to split up to lower their chances of being detected, with Giorno and Mista taking the car toward Venice while the others come in by boat. While on the highway leading to Venice, Giorno and Mista spot another assassin, Ghiaccio, closing in behind them... skating toward them? Indeed, as he's clad in a suit of ice made from his Stand, White Album. Thus, Mista decides to try and hold him off as Giorno drives them to their destination.

Now you get to play as Mista for the first time, and your objective is to survive atop the car for two minutes. As he skates behind you, Ghiaccio will attempt to ram your car, and you'll take damage if he hits it. To ward him off, you'll have to shoot at him and knock him backwards. Be sure to keep an eye on your bullets and the number of Sex Pistols available (visible in the lower-right corner of the screen), and reload with Triangle button if you're running low on ammo. A heavy shot (Cross button) can knock Ghiaccio down and buy you some time, but he'll occasionally see it coming and dodge. He won't dodge twice in a row, though, so you can use the first shot to fake him out and then nail him with a second. Once two minutes have passed, you'll move on to the next stage.

Secret Factors
The first Secret Factor can be done at any time, while the third can only be done after the second, due to being a repeat of it.
1. Shoot Ghiaccio. (ギアッチョをシュート)
Stand Shoot Ghiaccio. This will reward you with +2.
2. Make Ghiaccio tumble. (1) (ギアッチョを転倒させる(1))
Knock Ghiaccio down with a heavy shot. This will buy you around 11 seconds while Ghiaccio recovers, as well as rewarding you with +4.
3. Make Ghiaccio tumble. (2) (ギアッチョを転倒させる(2))
Knock Ghiaccio down with another heavy shot. You'll get another +4 for this.