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Block Attack is a Sub-game unlocked after beating the Level 2 Kracko Boss Game. The unlocked version can be played at any time via the Sub-Games menu. Block Attack is a breakout style game in which Kirby is the ball with the ability to smash star blocks in order to defeat the enemies in the area. Each room is locked until all enemies have been destroyed. The 3 difficulty levels vary in the number of rooms needing to be cleared. Exact control of Kirby is lost in this game, he'll bounce around almost uncontrollably. A paddle can be drawn by drawing lines anywhere on the touch screen. The paddle will appear for a short time and disappear afterward. Kirby will ricochet off of it as he would any other barrier in the room.

Boss Game[edit]

The Boss Games are accessed after each level is cleared. Drawcia will offer 3 paintings. In order to access Block Attack, choose the Kracko portrait. The Level 1 and 2 battles are exactly similar to the Level 1 and 2 Sub-Game, except time and scoring are not factors. The walkthroughs will be listed in their respective sections below.

Level 1[edit]

The easiest mode to beat, environmental hazards are scarce, and are small where they do appear. Health replenishing items can be found in most rooms. The rooms are also considerably smaller than those of Levels 2 and 3. In both the Boss Game and sub-game, Kracko Jr. is the boss of the level. In the Boss Game, he must be defeated; although in the Sub-Game, 2000 points are awarded for his defeat. There are no rewards for the Level 1 subgame.


Stage 01
The first stage is fairly simple, 2 Bronto Burts are fluttering between the blocks and an energy drink is by them. The drink is solely for points since no damage is possible in this room. Coming into contact with the enemies destroys them without draining health, no need to stun them first. The gate at the top will open after they are both eliminated. If playing for points, see the tips section below. Otherwise get Kirby through the gateway to move on. A +30 second bonus is rewarded for completing this stage.

Stage 02
Kirby starts off in a seemingly uninteresting room, blocks line the ceiling and part of the floors with no enemy in sight. Set Kirby bouncing through the blocks to access the second part of the room. Another energy drink can be uncovered in the center of the room, this time damage is possible beforehand, though not likely, as there are spiked floors in the corner beneath blocks. Another newly introduced aspect is the bomb block. Either bump it and stay away, or tap it a few times to set it off. Complete avoidance is possible but unlikely, given the chaotic movements of Kirby. The bomb will destroy most blocks around it, when playing for a high score, avoid it. The three enemies in the area can finally be seen, 2 Glunks and a Bouncy are near the gate. Smash each of them in order to open the gate.

Additional points or health, can be acquired, as a second energy drink is in a central block of the top portion. +30 seconds are awarded for completion of the stage.

Stage 03
Two Bronto Burts are immediately visible. The other most obvious aspect of this room are the multicolored blocks. Up until now, almost all were green. In short, the number of stars visible on the block indicate how many hits are needed to destroy it. Another bomb block can be seen as well, this smaller room, makes coming into contact with its explosion much more likely. +30 seconds are awarded for completion of the stage.

Stage 04
The corners of the room have floor spikes, but no blocks covering them this time. Stay alert and draw a paddle to prevent contact with them. 3 Glunks are on top of the blocks, and should be destroyed before proceeding. The row of yellow blocks require 2 hits to break through. In the mid portion, a lone squishy will be seen moving frantically, tap this one to hold it still and contain Kirby to the area until it is destroyed. The row of green blocks above hide a Maxim Tomato in the center of the top row. Eliminate the final two Bronto Burts to open the gate and move to the next room. +30 seconds are awarded for completion of the stage.

Boss Fight
Kracko Jr., an eyeball-like boss, with rotating barriers, is in this final room. A few clear blocks that flicker in and out may be destroyed for hidden star gems. But the main event is Kracko Jr. Since the spheres protecting him do no damage, keep sending Kirby towards him. As the spheres stop, the eye will be vulnerable and damage is dealt to him on contact. Continue bashing towards it at every opportunity and he'll be defeated swiftly.

Level 2[edit]

At first glance, Level 2 isn't any different than Level 1. Closer inspection reveals that the rooms are wider, more compartments per room, enemies, hazards, multi-hit blocks, and rewards are found. Kracko is the boss of this Level as opposed to the easier Kracko Jr.


Stage 01
Kirby starts in a room lined with blocks and has spiked floors in the corner. Only 2 Glunks and 2 Bronto Burts need to be defeated in order to move on. All four enemies appear at the top of the room. +30 seconds are awarded for completion.

Stage 02
The lower portion of this stage contains 2 Bronto Burts. After defeating them, aim for the cracked blocks next to the bomb block to avoid setting it off. An energy drink can be found in the central block of the top portion. Remaining health is much more important in this level than in Level 1 so opt to be a bit more conservative. The top portion of the room also contains a Glunk (on the block with the energy drink) and 2 Bouncies. +30 seconds are awarded for completion.

Stage 03
You may notice spiked floors becoming more common, and green star blocks becoming less common. The use of colored blocks requiring more hits to break through will only increase from this point. This room only houses a single Glunk, tucked in-between several blocks. On the right and left sides of the blocks, some clear blocks will be seen materializing and dematerialize shortly thereafter. These blocks can only be broken while visible. The rewards they house can be acquired after their destruction as well. The right side clear blocks contain 2 large stars for extra points. The left side blocks only contain a dark star that has no evident benefit. +30 seconds are awarded again (fear not, these notes exist because there are higher bonuses later).

Stage 04
The observant player will notice a darker cloud background beginning at this stage. This room has spiked floors, and a ceiling that nearly guarantees Kirby will be sent towards them. The ceiling bottle-necks upwards. The layout of yellow blocks creates adequate obstructions to reach the Bouncies on top of them. Kirby will likely be sent below the angled row and bouncing upwards to the top room. However, the far top-right corner near the Bouncies contains a Bonus Star in the clear block. The top room has 4 Bronto Burts in a diamond formation around the colored blocks. The central block contains a Maxim Tomato for a health restoration and bonus points. +30 seconds are awarded again.

Stage 05 (Boss Fight)
Kracko, the larger, more dangerous cloud-like boss is in this room. The spikes around him seem dangerous, but need to be hit in order to deal damage to the eye ball. The clouds surrounding the eye will temporarily disappear leaving Kracko vulnerable to damage. Kracko's only attack is when he charges and utilizes an electric aura. The electrical charge can be easily avoided if a paddle is drawn in time. The simplest way to defeat him is to get to a corner and contain Kirby with a paddle. Have Kirby bounce frantically between the wall, ceiling, paddle and Kracko's obvious weak point. 2,000 points are awarded for defeating Kracko.

Level 3[edit]

The stages of this level are no longer contained to small sections. The rooms are very large and often segmented with blocks or walls. The hazards are more frequently appearing. New hazards such as electrical blocks appear as well. Ending the game with at least an A rank will grant you a medal for the Medal Swap menu. When playing for a high score, eliminate the enemies and move to the next room as quickly as possible.


Stage 01
The four enemies, (2 Bouncies & 2 Bronto Burts) are sequestered in individual hollows in the blocks. The easiest and quickest way to rack up points is tap blocks leading to the compartment with a Bouncy. Keep drawing a paddle below Kirby to avoid the electrical blocks beneath. Continue to break all the way through until reaching the top. From there, Kirby will likely bounce between unbroken blocks and the ceiling. Draw a paddle when he starts bouncing close to the hole in the blocks (made from getting up there). Tap as many blocks as possible for faster breakthroughs and the higher points for breaking a cracked block.

An energy drink can be found in a block located among the top rows, in between the Bronto Burts. +60 seconds are awarded for completion.

Stage 02
The stage looks and functions like a pinball machine. The bumpers will ricochet Kirby away, but with more speed than a regular object would. A new enemy shows up in Block Attack, Blipper. Blipper is the fish with goggles over his eyes. He can be defeated, just as all of the other enemies. The enemies in this room are tucked in the four corners. The bumper positions make the corners difficult to access. You'll need to direct Kirby in each corner. Once in, draw a paddle keeping him in until both the Bronto Burt and Glunk are destroyed. Hitting the bumper pads will add to the score, but it shouldn't be a focal point. Just get through the room as quickly as possible, although sheer luck is a factor in this particular room. +60 seconds are awarded for completion.

Stage 03
This stage only has a single enemy, a single Cappy. Cappy rests very far, on top of the blocks, just below the gate to the next stage. the rest of this level plays as a break-out game. To get through, tap all of the bomb blocks as soon as you can see them. Keep Kirby near the blocks to be broken by drawing paddles. And tap as many blocks as possible between drawing the paddles. Cappy is unique in that he will need to be hit twice before dying. The first hit knocks his top off and the second slays it. +60 seconds are awarded for completion.

Stage 04
Unfortunately, the pinball bumpers are back. This time they are less cumbersome to get around. Another bumper pad can be found on the walls. The initial section offers 2 paths, ignore the blocked one. The next section contains a single cappy and a bumper pad in the center of the area. Direct Kirby towards the Cappy and start tapping the blocks to get to the next section. The bumper pad will likely keep Kirby bouncing upwards to that area, so tap enough blocks to get through. The final area contains several Bouncies and Glunks. Try to keep Kirby in a small section until each enemy is defeated then repeat for the remaining section. +30 seconds are awarded for completion.

Stage 05
This room is small and rather simple. Only a few enemies are present, Soarers, Blippers, and a mechanical enemy near a Maxim Tomato. Simply tap the blocks and burst through them to access the enemies. All of it is straight-forward. When attacking the mechanical enemy, draw a paddle to keep Kirby bashing against the enemy. +30 seconds are awarded for completion.

Stage 06
This stage is broken into sections as the larger ones usually are. The first has a trio of Squishies and a Bouncy to eliminate. Keep Kirby near the top to save time and tap the blocks dividing the sections. After all are destroyed, move up to face the Soarers. Avoid the Gordo, as it cannot be destroyed and causes health loss. Again try tapping the blocks dividing the areas to progress faster. The final area only has 3 Bouncies. The main obstacle here is not bouncing back to the previous area. Tap blocks and draw paddles angled to send Kirby to the right side of the room. After all three Bouncies are slain, quickly get through the gate to face Kracko Jr. +30 seconds are awarded for completion.

Stage 07
You may be short on time at this point, so be prepared to work quickly! Kracko Jr. does not attack but has four spheres rotating around him and providing defense. He only takes damage when the spheres are resting and Kirby hits the eye. The fastest possibility here is to have Kracko Jr. in a top corner. Draw an angled paddle to contain Kirby and a portion of Kracko Jr. in a triangle shape. Kirby will bounce frantically increasing the chance of direct hits. Defeating Kracko Jr. adds 2000 points to the score and 30 seconds to the clock.

Stage 08
The Kracko battle. Unlike Kracko Jr., this Kracko can charge up an electrical attack and deal damage. While the attack is charging, Kracko can still be hit. The clouds surrounding him will need to be smashed to get a momentarily clear shot at the eye. The clouds will regenerate, so act quickly. 90 seconds are added to the clock for beating Kracko. 2000 points are awarded as well.

Stage 09
This stage is radically different than all that came before it. Not a single enemy is visible. After breaking each block, enemies will spawn in place of the blocks, and every single one needs to be destroyed to progress. The central block, however, contains and energy drink. While attempting this stage, avoid the spiked floors entirely by maintaining a paddle limiting Kirby's range of travel. The more he bouncies, the faster he'll go. So ideally, keep the paddle close enough to limit the area, but far enough to have reaction time. Be careful of drawing angled paddles. If you can keep Kirby to a certain area and break through to the top, no paddle will be needed. Kirby will continuously bounce between the ceiling and blocks. 60 seconds are added to the clock upon completion.

Stage 10
Many enemies are visible from the start. Blippers are confined to a ring of multicolored blocks and Cappys are above it. Try to get into the ring and confine Kirby to it. Hitting the enemies will boost speed, so the reaction time needs to be instantaneous. 60 seconds are awarded upon completion.

Stage 11
Scores of blocks, but only one mechanical enemy. Get through the blocks as quickly as possible. Utilize the bomb blocks, but aim to break through some place in the left-central area. A ledge with the mechanical enemy from Stage 05 opens on the left side. Draw an angled paddle as a wall keeping Kirby attacking the enemy. The gate on top will open to the next stage, get through as quickly as possible since the stages are now seeming to take longer to complete than the amount of time as rewards. Only 30 seconds are added to the clock upon completion of this stage.

Stage 12
This stage can be beaten quickly. Begin by tapping blocks to the sections enclosing the lowest two enemies. Try to get Kirby dashing horizontally to make quick work of them, and move to the top quickly. Allow Kirby to freely bounce, focus on cracking the blocks to get to the enemies. The array of electrical blocks are behind multicolored blocks, which require multiple hits to destroy. So the hazards here can be entirely dismissed. 30 seconds are again awarded.

Stage 13
The beginning of this stage has several blocks and spiked walls. After breaking through to a clear area of blocks a bumper pad can be used. Be careful of the bumper pad flailing Kirby directly to the wall spikes at a high speed. The room is heavily congested with blocks and the occasional bumper pad. Spiked walls only appear in two places, but the path to them from the bumper pads are unobstructed. Be observant and quick to block Kirby from hitting the spikes. An energy drink can be found in the top portion. Only one Glunk needs to be defeated to open the door.

Stage 14
Electrical blocks in narrow horizontal hallways are the main features of this stage. Draw a long angled line to get Kirby traveling mostly horizontally. Taking damage is likely, but be sure to keep Kirby from bouncing up and down on the electrical blocks. This will need to be done a second time at the next section. Be sure to keep Kirby from falling back into that area once past it. The next section contains bumper pads, only one Bouncy, and one Cappy above.

Stage 15
Another Kracko Jr. fight, only there are electrical blocks on some of the walls. These are easily avoided by drawing lines to keep Kirby pounding at Kracko Jr.

Stage 16
Another Kracko fight, and as with room 15, electrical blocks are on the walls, ceiling, and floor. (Your humble editor died here.)

Scoring, Ranking, and Tips[edit]

When playing for a high score, opt to play Level 3 as it is the only difficulty to offer a medal for the Medal Swap. The game is relatively simple to rack up points in. While playing Level 1 and 2 aim to destroy as many blocks as possible and get to the next room with just enough time for the Boss fight and little as possible left over. Time remaining is not rewarded in this game. Level 3 will not end at the Kracko boss fight, but will continue until either time or health are exhausted. While playing Level 3, aim to clear each room of enemies as fast as possible.

Tap as many green blocks as possible, while keeping Kirby close to an area in which points can be gained. Avoid using Bomb Blocks in the low difficulty levels, unless you are pressed for time. Consider that a Green Block gives 20 points, but a cracked block gives 31 (30 points for destroying the block, and 1 if you cracked it by tapping it with the stylus).

Clear Stage 1000 points Enemies 100 points
Blocks 10-40 points Kracko & Kracko Jr. 1000 points
Block Tap 1 point Star 10 points

Ranks are given upon completion of the Level, or in the case of Level 3, death of Kirby. The ranking system is in a cascading alphabetical format with sub-names for each rank given. The higher the score, the lower the alphabet letter will be and thus the higher the rank. Each Sub-game will record the top three scores for each level. Other than for measuring personal progress, and the medal reward for Level 3, the ranking solely exists for bragging rights.

  • Known Ranks
    • Rank AAA- Rainbow Hero
    • Rank AA- Lord Destroyer
    • Rank A- Master Destroyer
    • Rank B- Wreckage King
    • Rank C- Wreckage Knight
    • Rank D- to be determined
    • Rank E- Craftsman Crusher
    • Rank F- Lead Crusher
    • Rank G- Decent Crusher
    • Rank H- Average Breaker
    • Rank I- Apprentice Breaker
    • Rank J- Novice Breaker