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Rainbow Run is set of challenges using stages of each game level, excepting the World of Drawcia. A Special Course replaces Drawcia's area. Each level will offer Time Trial and Line Trial. The levels for the Main Game are unlocked as that level is completed. The Special Courses are unlocked by using medals to purchase them in Medal Swap. Initially, only the Kirby ball can be used in the challenges. When more balls such as the Meta Knight, King Dedede, Waddle Dee, and Waddle Doo balls are unlocked, the Rainbow Run challenges can be played with them.

Each challenge mode will end when too much damage is taken, when crushed by scrolling screens, or when falling through an open pit. The level can still be cleared when the challenge terms are lost. Pressing the start button can also end the challenge by selecting quit.

  • Note: For convenience, the guides will be written as though the Kirby ball were being used. Each ball has its own attributes, where a specific ball is recommended, the guide will notate the recommendation.

Time Trial[edit]

The first option, and often the easiest to obtain medals from, is Time Trial. Medals will be offered for three different times, completing the level with a time lower than all three will reward you with all 3 medals. Medals can only be obtained once, and further playthroughs are merely for sport or high score record beating (without in-game rewards). Often, first playthroughs will result in a lower than the top rewarding time. Select the game again and retry for the top time as much as desired. The best time will be recorded and after each completion will compare the current time achievement to the best time. Whenever your best time seems to be just short of the time for the 3rd medal, consider using other character balls such as Meta Knight or Waddle Dee. Meta Knight's dash move is faster, and Waddle Dee does not pick up any copy abilities (specifically unwanted abilities from obstructive enemies granting them).

Tips for Time Trial

  • Walkthroughs are available at the lowest portions of each level's article. See them for area specific tips.
  • Dash as much as possible, and try to get abilities such as Wheel, Needle, and Burning, which speed Kirby up.
  • Drop abilities that slow Kirby down, such as Beam, Missile, and Balloon; unless shortcuts are possible by using them.
  • Use Waddle Dee when needing to rush through areas without the hassle and time loss of getting and dropping slow abilities.
  • Use Meta Knight for the fastest possible speeds.
  • Draw loops to speed Kirby up.
  • Get to know the area by playing through deliberately slow to consider possibilities.

Line Trial[edit]

The other option is Line Trial. As the name suggests, the challenge is to complete each stage using the least amount of Rainbow Lines. A large incrementally marked bottle will appear in the top screen for monitoring ink usage. The same room from Time Trial is seldom used for this mode, excepting the Special Courses. Three medals can be earned from each stage. By completing the stage with even less ink than the strictest rewarding amount, all three medals will be rewarded.

Tips for Line Trial

  • Take your time, the need to rush is absent from this challenge.
  • Avoid trying to tap anything when possible, a miss will count as ink usage.
  • Take advantage of stage devices such as cranes, dash pads, canons, and fans.
  • Some copy abilities can be helpful:
    • Stone can drop through water and blocks easily
    • Missile, Burning, and to an extent Wheel can cross chasms easily, negating the need for ink use.
    • Balloon can help Kirby navigate tall towers with no ink usage. This is extremely notable in Spectacle Space.
  • Use minimal lines, normally small ramps to maximize their effect, every drop counts!