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Training Mode[edit]

When a game is first started, the option to try training mode will be given. Training mode can also be accessed by touching options and then training from the main menu.

  • Lesson 1 Touch Dash
  • Lesson 2 Touch to Go
  • Lesson 3 Turn Around
  • Lesson 4 Ride Lines
  • Lesson 5 Copy Abilities
  • Lesson 6 Protect Kirby with lines.
  • Bonus: Diving
  • Push Kirby under with a line.


Energy Drink
Restores 2 points of health.
Maxim Tomato
Restores all health.
Earn an extra life.
Point Star
Collect 100 to earn a 1-Up.
Used to unlock additional content.


Kirby can copy abilities of other enemies. If he already has an ability, he has to give up the current ability before he can copy another.

  • Baloon
  • Beam
  • Burning
  • Crash
  • Freeze
  • Missile
  • Needle
  • Spark
  • Stone
  • Tornado
  • Wheel


Throughout the game are hidden medals which can be collected and used at the medal swap to unlock additional content. In the main game, each level has 9 medals with 3 in each stage, except for level 8 which has only 2 medals. In rainbow run, each level has 18 medals with 6 in each stage. There is an extra special course that has 48 medals with 6 in each stage.