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Advance commands are a series of secret button presses within Bros. Attacks. These secret commands can add more power to your attacks to cause greater damage. These can be unlocked after performing a Bros. Attack a certain amount of times.

These are the advance commands. These secret button commands are only usable once you have unlocked them.

Name Command Unlocked by
Splash Bros. Press A button when landing on Luigi.
Bounce Bros. Press A button when landing on Luigi.
Chopper Bros. Press A button when Mario is jumping onto Luigi.
Knockback Bros Press A button when Mario Shrinks. Luigi then swats Mario at the enemy. Press A button upon contact with the enemy to cause extra damage and rebound back toward Luigi. Then press B button when Mario reaches Luigi to perform the attack a second and final time.
Cyclone Bros. Press B button when you move back from the opponent. Mario then lifts Luigi up, where the player needs to press A button. Mario then brings Luigi down on the enemy.
Swing Bros. Press A button when Luigi comes back toward Mario.
Thunder Bros. Press A button when Luigi Jumps onto Mario. Mario then moves back and brings out his hammer. Press A button for Mario to perform a form of the Luigi Dunk. Luigi then travels under the enemy where you need to press B button. A giant bolt of electricity erupts from the ground onto the enemy.
Fire Bros Press A button immediately after Luigi swats the fireball. The fireballs then collect above Mario into one giant fireball. Once Mario is done throwing fireballs, he jumps up and kicks the giant fireball at the target enemy. This particular action command requires great timing so practice will be needed.