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In all, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! has a total of 21 items, nine normal and twelve special. Normal items are items anyone can receive. Special items are items unique to a set of characters that only they can receive. Items are received from Item Boxes. One Item Box gives the rear racer an item, while a Double Item Box doubles the fun, supplying the not only the rear driver, but the front driver with an item. One rider can carry only one item at a time, so have them switch places with the driver to get a second item if they have a free hand. Any item with the Mariokart throwbothways.png symbol can be thrown forward or backward.

Item Box=1 item
Double Item Box= 2 items

Normal items[edit]


Mariokart throwbothways.png
MKDD Banana Artwork.png

Drops a banana peel onto the racing field. Any pair of racers unlucky enough to hit one will spin out.

Green Shell[edit]

Mariokart throwbothways.png
MKDD GreenShell.png

Shoots out a green shell onto the racetrack. It travels in a straight line, ricocheting off of any walls it hits. If anyone collides with it, they get knocked over. If not, the shell breaks after hitting the walls enough.

Red Shell[edit]

Mariokart throwbothways.png
MKDD RedShell.png

Sends out a red shell that seeks out the nearest racers in the next position and knocks them over on impact. Unlike the Green Shell, if the Red Shell comes in contact with a wall, it shatters.

Spiny Shell[edit]

644px-MKDD SpinyShell.png

This item isn't usable in Battle Mode.

Sends out an winged blue shell covered with spikes that seeks the lead kart. When it reaches its target, it will impact (flipping the Kart), cause the racers to lose their items, and create a devastating explosion in the process. Anyone involved in the immediate blast radius will lose their items and flip over. Anyone that drives through the blast will spin out.

Fake Item Box[edit]

Mariokart throwbothways.png
556px-Mkdd fake item box.jpg

Lays a deceiving Item Box onto the track that looks just like a real one, only the color red with an upside-down question mark. Anyone who hits it will cause a red electric wave to appear and force the kart to a complete stop while flipping it over at the same time.



Gives a brief boost of speed to a kart. It also allows drivers to steal or knock away items from opponents by bumping into their karts while using it.

Triple Mushrooms[edit]

MKDD Tripletsshrooms.jpg

The player gets three Mushrooms instead of just one. They allow three brief speed boost instead of one. Be careful though, because the racers will either be juggling them or holding them in a stack. One collision with an item or obstacle will make them spill all but one of the mushrooms onto the track, and that's not good!


622px-MKDD Star.png

This mighty item covers the racers and kart in a golden glow, making them invincible to any item or obstacle temporarily, increasing their speed, and knock over anyone they hit, allowing them to snatch the rear character's item from a kart. If the rear character of your kart has an item already on-hand, the rear character of the opponents kart will drops his item. In any case of a collision with a Star-wielding driver, the front character will drop their item.


MKDD Lightning Artwork.png

The fearsome Lightning is the most powerful item of them all. It strikes down all opponents at the same time except for the two racers who used it, spins everyone around the two racers out, shrinks them (reducing their speed), and causes them to drop their items on their racetrack. Anyone using a star or the Heart Special item will not shrink and be unaffected by it. Using the Heart also gives control of that item to those racers.

Special items[edit]

Mario and Luigi: Red and Green Fireballs[edit]

MKDD MarioFire.jpg
MKDD LuigiGreenFireball.jpg
Mariokart throwbothways.png

This gives Mario control over a fearsome Fireball that splits into five when launched that burn out after time, spinning out any opponent they hit while causing the rear character to be overcome in pain from the flames for a short amount of time, keeping them from shooting their items or switching places with the front character. Luigi's fireballs work the same way, only they are green.

Peach and Daisy: Heart[edit]

MKDD Normal heart.jpg

This causes two flying hearts to surround Peach and Daisy and protect them against an item. If they hit an item or someone equipped with an item hits them, one heart takes that item and disappears while giving the item to Peach and Daisy. This continues until the second heart is gone as well.

Yoshi and Birdo: Egg[edit]

MKDD Egg.png
MKDD BirdoEgg.jpg
Mariokart throwbothways.png

Drops Yoshi's green egg or Birdo's pink egg onto the track. Both eggs work exactly the same way. When an egg is launched, it will function like a Red Shell, targeting the racer in the next position. If launched backward, it will just fly out in the direction it was shot. Upon impact with a pair of racers, it will knock them over. When it hits a kart or wall, it breaks open and drops three more items on the field. What comes out may be a Mushroom, Shell, Banana, Star, Fake Item, or even a Bob-omb.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi: Chain Chomp[edit]

MKDD Chomp.png

Baby Mario or Baby Luigi take control of a Chain Chomp, increasing their speed almost double and getting dragged along the track path while the Chain Chomp takes out anyone or anything in its way. Eventually, the Chain Chomp will become too hard for the babies to handle, and its chain will break, releasing it onto the field where it will run rampant until it runs off the track.

Toad and Toadette: Golden Mushroom[edit]

MKDD 621px-Golden mushroom.png

With it, you can use Mushroom boosts as much as you like for a short amount of time. This is very helpful to get to front of the pack and get a fast lead. However, you won't be able to steal items. Still, it really helps on any track, and it can't be stolen itself while being used.

Koopa and Paratroopa: Triple Red and Green Shells[edit]

MKDD Triplegreenshell.jpg
MKDD 594px-Tripleredshell.jpg
Mariokart throwbothways.png

Gives the Koopa Brothers three Red or Green Shells to use instead of one for two additional shots at the field. Be careful while racing, though, because the three shells equipped will be juggled or carried in a wobbly stack. One crash is all it takes to spill all but one of the shells onto the field, which may help–or hurt!

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong: Giant Banana[edit]

Mkdd giant banana.jpg


Flings an oversized Banana onto the field that is harder to avoid. When it gets hit, it will separate into three normal Bananas. This item is a pain on narrow tracks, but a great help if you're the one using it.

Bowser and Bowser Jr.: Bowser's Shell[edit]

636px-Mkdd bowsers shell.jpg
Mariokart throwbothways.png

Shoots out the biggest, baddest, toughest shell onto the track that takes out anything and anyone in its way. It recklessly bounces around the track, flying anywhere until it explodes. Be careful when shooting it, because it may come back and hit you! If it is dropped on the track as a result of a crash, it will remain stationary until someone hits it, which will break it.

Wario and Waluigi: Bob-omb[edit]

428px-MKDD Bob-omb.png
Mariokart throwbothways.png

This handy guy allows Wario and Waluigi to shoot him onto the field. It is the considered the most dangerous item to shoot, because it may land in front of them instead of the other racers. When left on the track, it will glow red with fury until it explodes violently. If someone gets too close, someone or something comes in contact with the Bob-omb, it will trigger the explosion. Anyone involved in the explosion early will be shot into the air and drop their items, while anyone involved in it when it has lost its power will spin out.

Petey Piranha and King Boo: Random Special Item[edit]

MKDD Super Question Mark.jpg

right‎ Depends on which Special Item is received.

Any random Special Item could pop up in their possession, so watch out!