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Beastmen are brutal creatures; half man, half goat. They are strong and resilient and keep aliances with many strange creatures.

Tactical Overview[edit]

Beastmen are tough and versatile. Many different units and buildings are available, making this race one of the better. Your main problem is speed, since the only units with higher than 1 movement are manticores (a relatively late unit) and Centaurs (a ranged unit). Consider summoning fast attack support.

Special Rules[edit]

Settlers, Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers and Bowmen cost double. Engineers, Magicians and Priests cost 50% extra.

All units have +1 hitpoint, +1 resistance and +1 melee attack.

Beastman cities generate 1/2 power per population. Beastmen can only be taken as a race if your Wizard has the Myrran ability.

Normal Units[edit]

Beastman cities can build Spearmen, Swordsmen, Bowmen, Halberdiers, Priests, Magician, Engineers, Catapults and Galleys.

They cannot build Shamans and Cavalry.

Special Units[edit]

Bestman cities can build Centaurs, Manticores and Minotaurs.

Name Cost No. of figures Upkeep Melee Attack Ranged Attack Defense Resistance Movement Hit Points Specials
Centaurs 100 4 ? 3 Missile 2 (6 ammo) 3 5 2 3 -
Manticores 160 2 ? 5 - 3 6 2 Flying 7 Poison 6
Minotaurs 200 2 ? 12 - 4 7 1 12 +2 to hit, Large Shield


Beastman cities cannot build Fantastic Stables, Shipyard and War College.