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Trolls are large, unsophisticated creatures, but don't confuse that with stupid; they are not. Their equipment may be simple and unadorned, but their swords are sharp and their armor tough. Add to that the fact that a troll will quickly recover from wounds that would slay a dragon, a troll army is a thing to be feared and respected.

Tactical Overview[edit]

Trolls are limited in research building and, as a result, in gold production. In return, they have incredibly hardy troops. Wise use of your armies will result in little need for reinforcements, once you get going.

Your cities grow slowly, your units are expensive and the Miner's Guild is unavailable. This can make it difficult to rapid expand early on. Consider the use of summoned troops to get you over this hump.

A Troll empire takes time to pick up speed, but once it's going, it is extremely powerful.

Special Rules[edit]

All normal units have 4 hit points, +2 melee, +3 resistance and the Regeneration ability. All normal units have only 4 figures and cost 3 times normal. Halberdiers have the Negate First Strike ability.

Troll cities grow slowly, at a rate of -20 per turn.

Normal Units[edit]

Troll cities can build Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers and Shamans.

They cannot build Bowmen, Cavalry, Priests, Magicians, Engineers, Catapults and Galleys.

Special Units[edit]

Troll cities can build War Trolls and War Mammoths.

Name Cost No. of figures Upkeep Melee Attack Ranged Attack Defense Resistance Movement Hit Points Specials
War Trolls 160 4 4+F 8 - 4 8 2 5 Regeneration
War Mammoths 240 2 5+F 10 - 6 9 2 12 First Strike, Wall Crusher


Troll cities cannot build Fantastic Stables, Miner's Guild, Sage's Guild and Shipyard.