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Dwarves are tougher than Haflings. Visit the village and kill everything. Take the new domination spell and collapse the houses as well. Starting here there will be the 3rd tier spells, so if you want to be good grab the spells now, or kill lots of people before you grab the spells to get the evil spells.

This first alignment dependent spell is a minion spell, Legion of Honor/Terror. The area where Gnarl says something about elves and servitude is near a drunk peck party. Kill the guys in there and take the spell. A little way off, there is the entrance to the Glittering Mines map as well as the second portal (Golden Hills - Pass) that leads to the brewery.

Glittering Mine[edit]

The map Glittering Mine is guarded by a rock giant. The mine has 4 carts of gold that adds about 40'000 gold to the treasury. The place is easy, but there is one evil act to do. When the elves beg for release, you can open their gates before the slugs are killed, and this earns you more evil points. Other than that, get the 4 carts of gold and get the hell out.


Get to the Brewery by using the bombs to bomb the door past the flamethrower. Locate the turnstile to enter the brewery. There is an alignment spell for the shield (Sanctuary/Infernal Shield) near the broken turnstile. There are 2 sticks to get to "Brewery 2"; one of the sticks is fairly easy to get, the second is longer -- use the horde to throw the switches to open doors and stuff. Once the turnstile is repaired, go down into second part of the level. Use the horde to activate the switches, get the Beer Kettle, and move on.

Stronghold Portal[edit]

There is a third alignment spell at the Dwarven lookout post (Betrayal/Submission). Note, if things are completed at the elf statue Construction Site and the beer kettle is taken, the solution to Goldo's fortress should be obvious. Use the blues to crank the door open (swim through moat) and send your minions in.

Arcanium Mine[edit]

This is after activating the "Stronghold" portal. A mine will be surrounded by fire. Access the mine and instead of fighting the flamethrowers first, go right and march through the slug nest. Call the horde in to kill the boss slug. Killing the slug first will let you get the smelter out easily. The flamethrowers guarding the smelter are dangerous -- sacrifice some of the horde and have them die for you instead. Note that you can use red minions to distract the enemy and have other minions mount a back attack. The shield spell does not protect the Overlord from the firestream.

Grab the smelter and turn on/off the switches so the smelter can be move through the smelting area. Note that the reds can go through the lava, so turn it off to move the smelter. The final alignment spell (Inferno/Combustion) is also found on this level.

Temple Construction Yard[edit]

This is the area of Golden Hills that is near the Brewery entrance. Locate the Temple Construction Yard. It is mostly a maze with rolling beetles. Free the elf POWs for another (evil) title if the rolling beetles are not all dead yet at the work yard. Push blocks and blow door with bomb plants to area of quarry. Move blocks before approaching the statue.

Fight the fire giant by freeing the four encased rolling beetles. The beetles die but so will the fire giant after all four beetles do their roll. Put minions into the gold statue and leave. Once the statue is stolen, the dwarf king's castle opens. If you have the beer kettle and sealed the bridge before, the entrance opens. There is a command object at the site (near the fire giant).

Royal Halls[edit]

Goldo will have his castle doors open only once the beer kettle in the Brewery and the Mother Statue in the Contruction Yard are taken. Use blues to cross the river, use the turnstile and head in. The flamethrowers will drain your lifeforce incredibly. Use a single red minion to place bombs near the flamethrower dwarves. Blasting all the columns has no effect. Don't miss the gold in the corner.

Goldo Golderson[edit]

Goldo represents the sin greed.

Move behind the machine and keep attacking. Once he reaches half-health, the ceiling drops bombs to use. After the boss is killed, you have to choose;

  • Good: Rescue the elf women.
  • Evil: Take the gold.