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Once you acquire the smelter from Mellow Hills with 10 red minions you will unlock the staircase nearest to the throne and on the left (when standing on the throne and facing the Tower Heart Pool).

Head down the staircase for a brief introduction from Gnarl and the minion guarding the area. To the left is the inventory rack. Straight ahead is the smelter. If you interact with the smelter you will have two options: Forge or Upgrade.

Inventory rack[edit]

If you forge any new equipment, your existing equipment will appear here. You can switch between equipment at any time by approaching and interacting with the rack.


Forging allows you to make new items at the cost of gold. At first, the only two new items you can make are a sword or a mace. Steel equipment is not worth forging. Below is a table of every time and its cost.


  • Sword: 1500 gold.
  • Axe: 1500 gold.
  • Mace: 1500 gold.
  • Armor: 2000 gold.
  • Helmet: 2000 gold.


  • Sword: 3000 gold.
  • Axe: 3000 gold.
  • Mace: 3000 gold.
  • Armor: 4000 gold.
  • Helmet: 4000 gold.


  • Sword: 5000 gold.
  • Axe: 5000 gold.
  • Mace: 5000 gold.
  • Armor: 6000 gold.
  • Helmet: 6000 gold.


Upgrading equipment allows you to imbue improved stats to that item. To upgrade, you have to sacrifice minions (they get smelted into the equipment). Each minion type gives different bonuses. Each item type, weapon, armor, and helmet, also gets different stat bonuses.


  • Damage
  • Crit bonus
  • Crit percent?
  • Minions




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  • +Minions